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NEWS | Have you ever watched TV?

Have you ever watched something new on television?

Have you ever gotten into a routine where you watch a television show religiously?


When you turn something else on the television, then you think it is fake, or not as good. That is how we become in life. We become programmed by the familiarity of the things that we live. Things such as our upbringing, or social status, our race, our gender and even our religion are all constraints that work to put us into a particular state of mind. If someone can convince you to watch another show than what you normally do, you never find it as good as what you are comfortable with.


That is the skill Clinical Somatics gives to you. You will have energy and wish to turn the channel from one news network to another and see that the world is full of all different sorts of points of view. You don’t have to be beholden to any one notion or thought just “because”. You will want to free your mind and your body to open up the possibilities that perhaps the way that you thought things are, aren’t in reality the way that they really are. Clinical Somatic Educator will shake up all those things that you “think” you know and give you the perspective that nothing is real unless you make it so. You are the creator of your own life, no matter what God you subscribe to. You have ultimate say over what the actions you take and the things that you chose to do and to not do. That is a very powerful tool when you choose to pick it up and use it.


There are many who argue over whether it is nature or nurture. The truth is that it is that it is neither nor both. The things that you think and the places you come from in no way define who you are, what your character is, or who you decide to be while here on earth. You have the ultimate power to decide who and what you want to be. Unfortunately, we spend so much time surrendering that power to things and people around us; we waste the potential of all that we can be. We waste the power of all that we can control and all the success that we can harvest living in the moment.


When you see the big picture of life you can go deeper and see the smaller steps taken in scale. The value of doing so is this: How you do anything is how you do everything! The way you walk, the way you write, the way you construct an argument, the way you talk, even the way that you imagine, all of those are patterns. One step further, all of those are on some level clue to who you really are. In there lies the answer to what exactly you want to be in life.


Somatic exercises give you an awesome system to observe how you do things in life and what you are to yourself and others. They offer a retrospective of the past and why you are where you currently are. When you connect that how you do things in life is the same as your somatic movements, you are just steps away to changing your life and getting different results. Those results can be anything from no back pain, to no knee pain, to more energy and focus…


You have to trust yourself to be the best you can be, but how do you trust if you don’t feel or control parts of your body? Your shoulder is frozen without any medical reason, you have a strong pain in foot but there is nothing “wrong” with you... I believe we all have an inner enemy, and when you see how you fight with yourself you will understand what I mean. When you change your coordination and understanding of it through conscious work, you will realize how much easier your life can be. If you let yourself think differently and change patterns it is possible to find more efficient ways of living. How you do your somatic movements is how you do everything. Through somatic movements, you can understand your actions better and obtain better results. You feel yourself more and you trust yourself better. Every task is easier if you work as a partnership (mind/body).


You can’t connect the dots of your past by looking forward, you can only do it through backward reflection. Only then can you trust the process, even if it is not always as pleasurable. Going forward that will allow you to change your future step by step.


Somatic movements are rare but effective ways that mind and body meet at the same time and in the same place. Through reflection, we are able to connect the dots of our past, decipher patterns, and use an understanding of past experiences to shape our future in a more effective ways. If we live too much in the past, we won’t have enough focus in the today and can’t possibly live effectively for tomorrow. Even if looking back is sometimes painful, it is imperative to make integral changes to live more wholly in the future, experience it more fully, and manage ourselves for a more meaningful quality of life.



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