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NEWS | Why do we need to reprogram ourselves?

Why do we need to reprogram ourselves?

By reprogramming ourselves and allowing our conscious minds to take over in our reality, we can strip away all the presumptions made unconsciously about ourselves and the world around us.


That gives us a fresh eye and a new focus. Doing away with things such as learned behaviors, which are mostly routed in fear, and inappropriate responses, that get us nowhere, we can break free from the habitually unhealthy behaviors that put us at dis-ease. In doing so we are able to rid ourselves of rigid beliefs about the things around us and mostly about ourselves.


How many times has someone told you who you are and what you are capable of?


You probably haven’t a clue about how all the experiences that you have been through or witnessed, have helped to shape who you are. They also served to self-define what you believe you are and what you believe you can or cannot do. We guide our behaviors according to presumptions that we make about our past experiences instead of what our real reality is. Taking in the data from the past, instead of the data that is in our moment, we make decisions. Worst yet, we fail to make decisions out of wrong assumptions and misguided notions about what is appropriate, what the outcome will be, or what we are attempting to avoid.


When you live consciously in the moment, and use the information that is before you instead of some preconceived notions from the past, you can better maneuver your life in the present. You don’t have to live in a habitual state of some mindset about the way that things should be. You can live in the world that is consciously created by you and what you want. Instead of feeling like you are just running through the motions of life, you can break out of the mold and experience life day to day. Most of us live life wearing glasses that are old, cracked, and fogged up by the things that we have walked through and endured in the past. The solution to that problem is to take the glasses off, wash them, and begin to see the world again as it is. In doing so, you can see the world, instead of the way that the harshness around us has jaded you into believing things are, but in reality.



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