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Everything we do creates resistance. It is a fact of life and nature and something we all know through gravitation, friction, drag, uncomfortable feelings and fear, among others.
Any action that rejects instant satisfaction in order to promote long-term progress, health and wholeness, creates resistance. Actions, which originate in conscious thinking about personal growth, always create resistance. Consciousness, however, is also what allows us to take control over this resistance if we know how to do it.


The function of the brain is to give commands to the muscles (the motor part of the nervous system), telling them how to overcome this resistance by moving. The muscles overcome this resistance and allow us to “live”. An unconscious person cannot do this. The very word “unconscious” tells us what is necessary to “be alive”. Consciousness. Consciousness allows us to become better at carrying out work and overcoming resistance through learning.


If we consciously carry out work, we are always more efficient. As a child who learns how to walk. No one says that the child got used to walking, writing or speaking. We must regularly update our knowledge otherwise we forget or distort what we know. In order to live, we must overcome resistance. This is true for both, our physical and emotional part. Emotions are energy in movement (e-motion) and we develop them through learning how to move and use our mind. They are the consequence of learning how to move and not the other way around. Maintaining and developing conscious control over our emotions and body movements is essential if we want to efficiently overcome resistance.


Overcoming resistance requires work: it gets done by the muscles, which are controlled by the brain. Learning improves this control and efficiency of muscles when they carry out work. All that stops us from carrying out work is resistance. However, work is also the only solution that can overcome resistance.


Efficient and conscious control over movement allows us to carry out this work better and with increasing productivity whilst maintaining our ability to overcome resistance. This is the key to our path towards successful life. If we fail to do this progressively better, we start to feel how the abilities of our body diminish due to ageing. Yet, if we are aware of our bodies and ourselves and continue to improve the leading role of our consciousness in efficient functioning of our organism, we can successfully defy ageing. As we grow more experienced and wiser, we can also overcome this resistance more efficiently. This allows us to resist ageing, which is one form of resistance, much longer.


The danger of surrendering is biggest when the goal is already in sight. At this point, resistance knows that you have nearly beaten it. And this is when it uses its strongest weapons and most hidden voices. Odysseus found himself in a very similar situation a year before returning back home. When Ithaca already came into sight, he relaxed and took a nap. One of his men opened the bag that was the gift of Aeolus, thinking that it contained gold. Instead, he released the three winds inside and the resulting storm blew Odysseus far away from his home.


Socrates demonstrated long time ago that our personal freedom stretches only as far as our self-control. Those who fail to master this skill are forced to find a master who controls them.
Do not forget: you can change your life this very moment. We always have the power to change our “fate”. We can start singing a different tune to resistance at any moment. We can do our work right now.

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