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March 31, 2014  


Original Strength, the five resets presented in OS, restore the body’s foundation for strength and movement. For us adults, this is a beautiful thing. The very movements that built our resilient bodies as children are still the very movements that can rebuild and return our resilient bodies as adults. These movements, these resets, are programmed, or “hard-wired”, inside all of us. We were all made to be able to breathe with our diaphragms, to lift and move our heads, to roll around, to get up on all fours, to crawl, to stand, and to walk. All of us have the world’s best mobility and strength training system hidden inside of our nervous system. All we have to do is engage in this system and our original strength can be restored and maintained. Yes, for us adults, especially those of us who have maybe lost parts of our reflexive foundation, this is a beautiful thing. NO matter what age we are, or where we are in life, we can regain the body we were designed to have. 


But what about today’s child? The beauty and simplicity of the world’s greatest mobility and strength training system is even more valuable to them. Many children today never develop or establish their original strength. They skip over it, or don’t spend any time solidifying it. Today’s children have so many distractions; distractions that keep them from learning how to master their body in their surroundings. TV, internet, video game systems, and iPods (electronic baby sitters) are robbing our children of their God-given ability to move and grow with strength. Today’s child will grow up not trying to restore his original strength, but he will grow up trying to find it altogether.


Look around yourself at today’s kids. Statistically, obesity and being overweight is at an all time high in our children. They lack movement and strength because they don’t have to “go outside and play”. Babies are carried and left in pouches, backpacks, car seats, and strollers. They don’t get to move around and develop or learn head control and posture while they also develop strength against gravity. They lack coordination, athleticism, confidence, joy, mobility, and strength. Today’s child can’t skip. They can’t throw or catch. They slouch, they hold their heads down. They shrink with self-doubt. This is a tragedy because today’s child has no foundation, or platform, to establish health and vitality. This will make it harder to truly embrace and enjoy life as he grows older.


Today’s children don’t need to press reset. They just need to press. They need to move. They need to play. If there was ever a time for mandatory physical education, it is now. Unfortunately, this is one area schools don’t mind sacrificing when it comes to learning. Even if this were not so, physical education, movement, doesn’t just need to be taught in schools, it needs to be encouraged at home.


If we want our kids to get the most out of life, to be able to enjoy it as they were meant to, as we would dream for them to, we need to help our kids learn how to move; Maybe for the first time ever. Encourage your kids to spend time on the floor. Play games with them. Take them to parks. Explain what dodge ball is and how people used to play it. Show them how to climb a tree. Be creative and find ways to get your children moving. Everything about their future depends on it; their health, their emotional well being, their ability to solve problems, their ability to communicate, their ability to love – EVERYTHING.


Our original strength effects so much more than our ability to move well. It is truly foundational for the WHOLE person. We want and need our children to be whole. We can help our children develop their original strength, and solidify a “life” by encouraging them to move. And, if we teach them well, they may never lose it.


For yourself, press reset. For your child, just press.


Tim Anderson • March 27, 2014


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