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HOW TO LEARN | Distance learning

Distance learning of the AEQ method®


Distance learning is available via FaceTime or FB Video Chat.

 Relevance distance learning Distance learning via video connection is relevant and useful in cases where there is no need for active therapy or personal contact to further the progress of understanding the AEQ method®, the relationships between mind and body.

Distance learning enables you to clarify the questions and doubts that arise through regular performance of the AEQ exercises® and changing of the character and movement patterns. Thus, the ride to the therapy in Brežice becomes unnecessary, which allows cost and time savings with the same positive effects of collaboration.


What do you gain? A significantly shorter waiting list for the learning appointment is one of the benefits of distance learning, which allows for faster progress. Often, ambiguities are not as substantial as to require a total therapy time (90 minutes), so distance learning can also be done in shorter intervals, which will allow you to increase the efficiency of your time.


Working via video connection is also appropriate for clarifying and completing uncertainties regarding the correct execution of the AEQ exercises® (in this case, when setting an appointment, please indicate that you would like to analyze the proper performance of the exercises in order to receive the instructions for appropriate installation of the camera and the environment).


Examination/consultation before the first visit of the AEQ method® active therapy Communication via video link is also suitable for examination / consultation prior to the first visit of the active treatment during the phase of settling and determining the most appropriate approach to learning the AEQ method®, as well as in more complex cases (scoliosis, severe autoimmune diseases...) when handling things by e-mail or phone is not appropriate, or it is insufficiently accurate.


We can connect over FB (Aleš Ernst - or over face time (


Price list

  • 30 minutes 50€
  • 60 minutes 100€
  • 90 minutes 150€


Send me an e-mail to to arrange an appointment.

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