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Clinical Somatics and Sport

Aleš Ernst contacted me just as I was dealing with my knee injury and he offered to help me. It is how I've learned about the clinical somatics. The initial intention was to eliminate knee pain with exercises, but now, after a year, I can tell you that the AEQ clinical somatics has given me much more.

These are simple exercises, everybody can do them. You lie on the floor and you alternately contract and relax muscles, especially muscles of the torso.
I used to do stretching after my training, that was before I knew about the somatic exercises, then I was doing both for a while, stretching and somatic exercises, and now I only do somatic exercises after the training. It is a big difference. There is no pain with the somatic exercises while stretching is usually somewhat painful. "Good" thing about stretching is that your mind can wander off, you don't have to think about what you are doing. AEQ clinical somatic exercises demand the opposite, the movements have to be voluntary, made consciously, which can be quite difficult. I feel differently after these exercises, relaxed, I find it hard to describe with words. To be honest, I sometimes don't feel like doing the exercises, however after the exercises I am rewarded with a special feeling, I feel so nice in my body.
The first visible result was a better posture. And by doing exercises regularly and interim therapies the pain in my knee was weakening. Exercises gave me a better feeling, I have learned how to listen to my body. I have also realized that more does not necessarily mean better. The athletes are taught that better results come with more and more training. We are prepared to go over our limits and risk injuries. The truth is, listening to your own body also brings better results. An athlete needs to feel his/her body – a coach cannot do that for him/her.
However, the somatic exercises can be difficult for the athletes at the beginning, as we are used to doing things by heart and that pain and stubbornness are necessary for the progress. AEQ  AEQ exercises are performed by lying on the floor and doing effortless moves. At first, you wonder how could this help to improve your performance, however time, persistence and diligence at exercising deliver the results. The important thing I have learned from the AEQ clinical somatics is: change your body/posture first, and then sporting equipment/bicycle.
My case: my right knee was too close to the frame. Solution No. 1: AEQ Clinical somatics, or solution No. 2: different plate setting on a cycling shoe!
It's up to you to decide.
AEQ Clinical somatics has brought fresh wind into my life and sport.
Thank you Aleš!

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