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CONDITIONS | What does knowing somatic movements bring me?

What does knowing AEQ movements bring you?

The education that you get from the AEQ movements is not text book learning, it is life affirming.


The program is one that will alter what you think and how you feel about yourself. No longer needing continual aids to sleep, do away with pain, gain energy, maintain focus, we retrain the body and the brain to work again in harmony all on its own as nature has always intended.


It is a time to reconnect by disconnecting

We are all so disconnected with our relationships, with our worlds, with ourselves, sometimes we need to take a step back and look at what is really going on instead of what we assume is. Being on autopilot to do the same routines and daily activities has made us all apathetic to our own thoughts and movements. Somatic retraining will wake up the individual and soul inside and reconnect it to the world around you, as well as within you. The learning you do on the somatic movements is a gift that you will have to forever change your life.


Why AEQ movements work

With AEQ movement, we recreate one or more of the three somati reflexes. Reflexes arise due to unconscious control of our movements. During the exercise, we try to feel this reflex as soon as it arises, then, reduce it with the power of our mind. Finally, we seek to take back control. When we do that we can determine if, for example, we are currently conscious of the movement, or if we need to work on voluntarily being active in the movement. Also with conscious repetition of movements, we are putting layers of myelin (material that forms the myelin sheath) onto axons (long, slender projections of nerve cells). By doing that, we can improve the efficiency of a desired movement.


Seeking the good pleasures and avoiding pain

If a movement becomes pleasant, we will unconsciously strive to make that movement repetitively. Those movements will then replace strenuous and painful repetitions done during conventional therapies. When they are painful or arduous we will avoid the movements and perform less advantageous ones. If we carry out the movement and make it pleasant, we prepare the mind to connect with the body. This is the best way to effectively prepare ourselves for work and sport activities that will be more enjoyable.


AEQ exercises increase our effectiveness and resistance with very little time or effort. We can increase our actual strength and improve our fitness level with less effort. Muscles, which are under the influence of sensory-motor amnesia, are more weak and apathetic. So we want to rest them, specifically because they are tired and stiff due to the amnesia.


Undoing odd habitual irregular movements

With somatic movements we aim to change irregularities within repetitive movements. During work or sports in our long term movements, the goal is to reduce the influence of sensory-motor amnesia. We want to create repetition that is under our conscious effort and do away with ineffective and poor habits that lead to involuntary apathy. At the same time, we change our behavioral, personality and psychological patterns. The result is that we can start to understand ourselves better.


Regular, daily practice of AEQ movements can help our body remain strong and pain-free. AEQ movements will improve your mental age and acuity for a better quality of life. Better awareness and control of our body and mind allows us to improve our general motor abilities. By making specific changes that we perceive as necessary during conscious movements, we become active in our own lives instead of trudging through the motions. When doing so we are able to find peace and harmony between what we think and what we feel. Much like a fine tune piano, our bodies play in synchrony.

 Aleš Ernst, teacher of AEQ method 5. level


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