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What can you learn about life doing AEQ movements?

How to be more efficient in your life, work, relationship sport…


The process that AEQ method uses is careful introspection of who you are by movements that promotes body awareness. Not who you believe you are, or who you have been told you are, but who you really are. It involves getting to know the real you, what you like, what you don’t. Who you like, who you don’t, what you are afraid of, and your good habits as well as your bad. The first step to discovering who you want to be is by taking a look in your body at who you currently are.


• It’s all up to you and you alone. Scary, but empowering at the same time, is that it is all up to you and you alone. It is easy to say that someone is in control of you or is responsible for your success or your failure. That takes the responsibility off of your shoulders. In reality, only you are the reason that you are in the position you are in life. You can choose to look at that in a negative way, or you can choose to make the most positive thing you have in your life. Giving yourself praise, or taking the fall, it is all about how much you want it and how hard you are willing to take control of it.


• Just adding more Power and Force is usually not the best possible solution. The fact is that when you have an argument it won’t ever resolve the way you want. Why? An argument is really just about two sides who have different opinions trying to win the other onto their side. That rarely has the resolution you desire. So what do we do? We stand our ground more, we go at it with more force. Inertia tells us that force is met with like force, so when you ramp up your argument, so will the opposing force and you have gotten nowhere. Just adding more power and force is usually not the best possible solution. When you go at a problem with more force you are failing to see the real situation for what it really is. Instead of using force, try to use compromise. When you compromise you are losing nothing. When you choose to stand your ground in the face of failure you have lost it all.


• Problem or issue is easier to resolve if you use more conscious thinking. When someone says something to you are you quick to respond? The problem is that if you haven’t taken the time to consider everything about the situation, you may miss the best opportunities. When we respond with reaction instead of responding with intent, it is difficult to get the desired response. Every problem, or issue, is less hard to resolve if you use conscious thinking when possible. What does that mean? It means that before you decide to react take the time to reflect on what the real issue or situation is. When you do that, you strip away the emotion and the irrationality of any situation to find the heart of it and to come to a real resolution.


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