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CONDITIONS | Scoliosis


We had found out by coincidence that our then 11-year old daughter had scoliosis. Medical examination and X-ray images confirmed a 22-degree sideways curve. We were advised to undergo a conservative treatment right away – bracing, orthosis, for which they said it would only have halted further curving, if she had worn it at least 12 hours per day, and that there was no method to align, correct the spine again. We had it made even though I was skeptical of that method from the very first moment. However, we were also contemplating other methods that didn't use, as our daughter called them, »medieval torture devices«.  My friend, who was trying to solve some of her medical issues and also completed an education in clinical somatics, told me about AEQ somatics and Aleš. She persuaded me to contact Aleš and I got the first appointment rather quickly. It was a pleasant combination of conversation and exercises, and after that my daughter and I, a bit confused but encouraged, embarked on an adventure in somatics.


And even though exercises demand substantial mental effort as one needs to concentrate on movements, this didn't pose any problems to her. She did her exercises religiously every morning and evening for three weeks and then we had another appointment with Aleš. Unfortunately, we hadn't taken any photos of her scoliosis before we began the treatments, so now we don't have the »proof« of her improvement; anyhow, the difference in those three weeks was incredible, visible from afar, both in her posture as well as in the curving of her spine.  Next appointments were the same mix of new information, merging with what we'd learned before and good mood. Scoliosis was visibly disappearing week by week and now, 4 and half months after the first treatment, it is almost invisible. My daughter had a school health check a few weeks ago and the doctor commented that her spine was »great«. Somatics has had a big impact on my daughter's life, not just in terms of realigning her spine. The most obvious change was seen in her room, how organized and tidy it has become. She has actually always been a neat and organized person, but now she does it much faster in with far less effort. And we both have noticed that she organizes her school work much easier now. Before she started with somatic exercises she was under a lot of emotional pressure when she faced many obligations, school work and chores. She was not at all in the state to organize herself to do all that work.


Now, this is all much easier for her, almost effortless, and even though there are stressful situations she manages to get out of them almost instantly and does what needs to be done without a problem. Aside from that, I'm under impression that my daughter is far happier now, more content and organized since she has started practicing somatic movements. 


Mimi Konig Barusic, Zaprešič



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