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Evolution of somatic methods

So many things have changed through the evolution of time, yet some things necessarily have not.


The problem is that the newly evolved self has to, at times, reconcile with the past “self”. There was a time that to survive we had to be concerned with just the physical aspects of life. In today’s world so much of what we do involves not us moving forward, but sitting back and allowing information to come to us. We no longer have to move around our environment to interact with the world, with modern technology it comes to us. That has created a misguided sense of self-awareness and proprioception.


In essence, it has created a way in which our bodies have disengaged from our minds. Where before the way that we would sense the world was to engage with the world around, now we use reasoning and absorption of incoming information. In previous generations, there have been movements to re-engage the body and the mind. They have sought to reconnect ourselves as whole through practices such as yoga, judo aikido and other ancient ways to use the power of perception and environment for the betterment of health.


They were things that involved almost entirely in the practice of physical movement of the body. These principles rely heavily on the practice of somatic movement. What we are discussing today is called AEQ method. It is more heavily focused on gaining control over our movements through using more consciously motivated practice. It is a way to gain control over our everyday habits and to regain what has been lost to our habits and routine. AEQ method is a way to establish the relationship between what we feel emotionally and how our body perceives the world around us.


The way that we learn today is much different from the way past generations have evolved. Previous generations learned through playing with others and developing a sense of self in relationship to the environment. In modern day, we are taught to sit still and to let the information come to us instead of seeking it out. It has changed our motivation and thirst for interaction not only with those around us but within us.


It has led to what we call sensory-motor amnesia. Because we are learning differently throughout life, our mind-brain connection is not being fostered in the ways that it has been in the past. The change in the way that we relate to the world has led to our inability to maintain health. We feel a disengagement from the environment around us and from each other. Our sensory-motor system fails to mature and grow, leading to a constant feeling of pain and disassociation with ones well-being.


We are no longer able to read our own body's signals, or to live effectively in a way that our bodies physically require. It has led to a state of chronic loss of control over our movements and body. To put it into plain terms, the stress from our everyday lives causes our bodies to react in ways such as tension in our muscles. That leads to perpetual muscle contractions. If we are unaware of these bodily changes because we have lost the ability to listen to what our bodies are telling us, we never take the necessary steps to ease the tension. We don’t do those things that our bodies require relieving the effects of the everyday.


Because we aren’t’t able to listen to the cues that our bodies are sending to our brain, we develop a constant and perpetual state of tension that over time leads to breaking down and overuse. Just like any machine, that leads to wear and tear and dis-ease. It is this inability to read the signals that our bodies are sending us that leads to chronic pain and illness. AEQ method is the way in which we engage the brain and the body again to start communicating in the way that they were designed to. It is a way to relearn how to read the signals that our bodies are sending to our brain so that we can make the effective motor changes to keep us healthier and illness free.


Aleš Ernst, teacher of AEQ method 5. level



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