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"Even though it may not look that way at first, people are unhappy because they want to be and they choose to be unhappy."


We live according to our beliefs, for the changes to get results. But is this true?

We face different emotions when we explore our beliefs, uncharted territories, emotions that can set us free or lead us to abyss. Crisis, fear, anger – these conditions, emotions are a part of our lives, we have daily encounters with them and it's up to us how we deal with them, whether we accept them. I've been noticing more and more that people are having negative images of themselves; their self-image is negative, which is just a source for all the external changes to their bodies.


Every change on our mental level affects physical appearance of our body too; one of the consequences of our thinking is our posture. When we are less self-confident we tend to shut down, become introverted, hunch our bodies, look away, avoid eye contact; it all shows in our posture. At the 2nd AEQ workshop I was considering emotions and imbalances that we subconsciously inflict on our bodies by merely thinking in a certain way.


However, are we willing to accept the facts, changes, and act when there's still time to make some changes, to become aware of and accept the movement patterns, exercises that help us be free and accept ourselves for who we are?


I created my own ritual, selected what and how much to add to my exercises to make them more fun and innovative, something that is not like everything else and suits only me, something that is making me happy and excited to do and have time for myself. When we face new things new emotions awake, something out of the ordinary, something that we are not used to. And we have hard time accepting these feelings as they are out of our »comfort zone« and people have always been cautious and distrustful towards new things. This is also why we are afraid to introduce changes to our daily lives and our future. We halt somewhere and become content with what we have. Yet this kind of life and way of thinking are foundations to regress in life instead of moving forward. Something as simple as a leap of our thoughts is one of the key steps to achieve our life goals. And no one else can do that instead of us. AEQ clinical somatic is not about bringing heavy stuff to our bodies. Instead, we learn how to incorporate emotions, natural patterns, painless techniques and moves with sentimental techniques into our lives, which have positive effects on our bodies.


We often forget that the first step to changes is only the first step. We all fear the changes. As something needs to be changed and nothing is the way it was and the way it would be without the changes. We project either our determination and enthusiasm or our stiffness. It is the control that causes us problems.


Changes are a part of life. We would not be able to move forward in life without them.


Nowadays we take our mental health and physical appearance too much for granted. But what tree grows without water and air? Our bodies function the same way. We need to take care of them every day.


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