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Active, hands-on AEQ session

With learning AEQ method, we eliminate sensory-motor amnesia and learn to guide body movements consciously. When done correctly, we learn to detect feelings during movement to such a degree that it enables us to control them. The result is that we develop a sensitivity for being aware of the body through all phases of the movements that we make. Active, hands-on AEQ sessions have proved the most effective method for all of the above. It is based on the experience of a client, while they are laying down on a table, and the educator is working together to become aware and conscious.


You are an active participant.

Every session starts with a conversation. The educator helps the client to find the strongest unconscious patterns within their daily movements, while they talk about the session protocol which is dependent on the client’s current condition.


The educator helps the client by guiding them with his hands which will lead to better control and accuracy of movements. Movements are slow and the client, with the help of the educator, can increasingly feel the diminished awareness of movements in the body’s motor abilities. In other words, the difference between the movement a person wishes to carry out, and the movement they carry out. This is the result of sensory-motor amnesia’s influence on what we call a sensory-motor feedback loop. The feeling of incomplete control, which a client perceives as pulling, sends a warning to the conscious part of the brain to direct more attention to the movement. In doing so, it can gain more sensory information to increase control and improve the flow of movement.


Let the Educator guide you to freedom from poor outcomes.

The Educator’s touch facilitates and guides the process of directing the attention to the right places. Their voice enables the accurate completion of movement and aids to steer sensory-motor control on the right path. The actions are then connected into a movement pattern that replicates one of the three reflexes.


The client learns to feel, repeat, and then disregard the reflex when they don’t need it. That helps to increase the control over their movements and let go of unconscious movement patterns. They are then able to choose for themselves whether a reflex is required or whether it is nothing more than a learned involuntary motor habit. The client can decipher for themselves whether a movement is conscious and useful or unconscious and destructive.


The client becomes aware of how strongly their mind influences their feeling of a body. They are also given the sense that change is not only possible but well within reach. When that change occurs, the client can feel and understand better the causes and consequences that led to their current condition. Learning to change the circumstances that they find themselves in, they can gain an opportunity to trigger a different result. “Miraculously” they can undo habits and the resulting problems that have plagued them for several years. When the root of a problem is incorrect muscle tension, it can quickly be changed to a correct one. Giving the client the ability to bring about change empowers them to have confidence for a pain-free, quality, future.


A muscle is only an obedient servant.

A muscle itself does not possess memory or endurance; rather it is a perfect servant who obediently carries out orders. Those orders come from the brain. The muscle itself cannot decipher whether the movements made are “productive” or “destructive”, they only follow the command sent. During an active, hands-on session, the client learns two or three somatic movements which produce the acquired knowledge that leads to daily, conscious repetition. Those more effective and healthy movements are then imprinted on the brain. Consequently, they reinforce new habits while phasing out the old ones. It then becomes increasingly harder to return to old habits. Immediately we activate an old pattern which presents us with a conscious choice: stick with it or give it up. Client changes his subconscious through learning new conscious patterns.


It is impressive to find that we weren’t even aware of the movements we make, good or bad, but are beholden to their effects!


The therapy addresses the body, but it also follows the fundamental idea of Soma. First and foremost, it is about being focused in the here and now. Soma focuses on the moment’s movement, what we are doing at the moment. When we are doing the somatics movements, our mind doesn't wander but stays with the body and feels every movement, every muscle. We can then not only relax the body but also the mind.


The ultimate goal

The goal of Soma is to establish control over our body. That lays the foundations for full control over the emotional reactions of the body. If we learn to observe and keep our mind in tune with our body we retrain both to consciously feel and evaluate present movements to decipher their how effective they are. When we engage both our mind and our body in synchronicity, we can develop patterns that eradicate pain and overuse. The session, therefore, becomes a meditation. It is time spent with ourselves and time that we can focus on the mind-body connection.


With the combination of the active, hands-on learning of AEQ method and AEQ movements with the understanding of what sensory-motor amnesia mechanisms are, we can change a variety of modern human afflictions. It can be achieved quickly and painlessly. We develop new movements and patterns that enforce a higher quality of life for the rest of your life.


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Waiting time for the first session is currently seven months. 


Price for one 90 minutes session is 150€.



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