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What is AEQ method


AEQ method is a safe, gentle and reasonable long term approach to abolishing chronic muscle pain. It is an educational process of muscle retraining - not passive therapy. It is the only kind of sensory motional exercise, with the help of which we learn to abolish the cause of most chronic muscle pain:


Sensory Motional Amnesia (SMA) is a state of chronically tensed muscles, which develops because of accidents, injuries, habits and exposure to constant stress. The muscles which are in SMA have become accustomed to being tense and they stay like that independent of what you do - stretching, massage, chiropractic’s, painkillers - nothing will loosen them for long term. Muscles that have become accustomed to being tense must be taught to loosen up. AEQ method treats the root of the problem: The brain, nervous system and its muscle and movement control. The brain often forgets how to loosen muscles, that is why you have to retrain your brain and your muscles to abolish pain and reinstate mobility.


While most pain relieving methods focus on a specific area, where we feel pain (ex. neck, hip, back...), AEQ method understands that the pain in one area of the body is part of a broader pattern of muscle dysfunction. These patterns are reflections of typical reactions to stress. SMA and its dysfunctions are presented in three special, full patterns of body reflexes, which are called the green light reflex (continue), the red light reflex (stop, go back) and the trauma reflex (consequence of injuries). The methods and movements of differentiation teach the client to sense and change pastoral adoptions and habits and thus abolish muscle pain and at the same time increase mobility, coordination and balance.


The benefits of learning AEQ method include:

- Long term relief of pain in most chronic disease states

- Knowledge that enables us to restore wilful control over sub consciously tensed muscles

- Better physical independence and control of movements

- Better adaptation, coordination, loosening of stress, better balance and deeper proprioception

- Safer, easier and reasonable alternative to chemical treatment of pain and surgery


AEQ method is very effective in relieving chronic pain and resolving bad life quality connected with states like:

- headache

- muscle and joint pain

- neck, shoulder and back pain

- sciatica

- pain in hips, knees and feet

- injuries because of constant repetitions of certain movements

- bad poise

- chronic pain as consequence of accidents and injuries of neck vertebrae

- difficulties breathing

- the frozen shoulder syndrome



Why should I try to help myself with AEQ method?


AEQ method changes the root of chronic muscle pain - the brain. Just as the brain is taught positive habits like riding a bike or skiing, it can learn negative habits like being stiff and out of balance. Because the brain controls the muscles, the brain must be included in the therapy of teaching muscles how to loosen up, stay loosened and being taught anew what the correct sequence of functioning is.


What differentiates AEQ method from other approaches like physical therapy, massage therapy, stretching, acupuncture and medication:


The eduication and technique of pandiculation - the "core" of AEQ method. The client is taught how to reset the length of the muscles on the level of the brain and to re-establish wilful control and the feeling of normally tensed muscles, which leads to relieving of pain and enables greater mobility, balance and coordination.


AEQ method focuses on whole patterns of muscle contractions, not just on the area of the pain. Tension in the centre of the body (the trunk) causes stiffness on the peripheral parts of the body (hips, knees, feet, elbows, wrists, neck, etc. ).

AEQ method is active, NOT PASSIVE


Physical therapy, massages, therapy of trigger points and other methods cause only temporary relief of pain, because they are passive. The client is being worked on and is not actively participating in the process of healing.


Subconsciously tensed muscles can achieve long term loosening only trough active participation of the recipient. Your brain controls the muscles, that is why the best way to relieve pain on a long term scale is to actively improve the sensory-motoric system.

AEQ method is EDUCATION - the client is taught a specific skill set which improves self-awareness and self-control and with the help of these, we are able to achieve a long term state without pain, with greater mobility, balance and coordination.


Aleš Ernst, teacher of the AEQ method Level 5

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