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Working out on autopilot


How many times have you gotten in the gym working out and realize you were on autopilot?

That is the way that most conduct daily lives. There are those who will insist that you get where you are by the choices that you make. The truth is that you get where you are very rarely by the choices that you make, but mostly by the choices that you fail to make. Most of people who lives in industrial world encounter life in an unconscious state more and more as they age. They have more and more Sensory motor Amnesia, and they do not know or feel that directly. We can perform the duties of our every day, not making conscious choices or decisions at all. We do what we assume is expected of us in a state of indifference. Forming a life that is based on habits, most of us rarely remember most of our day because it is filled with things that we do automatically without thought. Why do we do them? We do them because we live most of our days habitually.


The mind is not present, or fully in the moment. It is sitting idle. Clinical Somatic Educator job and purpose is to awaken the mind and the soul to be more aware and to make more everyday action intentional and purposeful, not automatic and mindless. We educate to deprogram, change and improve years of programming to get you back to you and to find that person that has been lost in the monotony of the everyday. Our goal is to get client to live their day more conscious, making more mindful decisions and actions with intention to spend less energy for same action. To be more in the moment, living in the moment, present in the moment frequent enough to find cleverer way how to live. That way you slow down time and spend less energy like Neo in Matrix and problem become smaller and easier to deal with.


With Somatic movements you learn and use this important Laws: 1. It’s all up to you and you alone 2. Every problem or issue is les hard to resolve if you use conscious thinking when possible 3. Just more power and force is usually not the best possible solution


What can we learn about a more efficient life by doing the somatic movements? AEQ Clinical Somatics™ is a process of increasing the sense, control and understanding over the movement of muscles, which includes thorough self-observation and getting to know oneself by performing the somatic moves. We are not learning about who we think we are, but who we really are. Meaning, we are getting to know our true self and things we like or dislike. And more we know that more we can make changes to what we want to be and how we want to be. It helps us to find out what we like or not, what are we afraid of, what are our good and bad habits. The first step to finding out who you wish to become is to find out who you are at this moment.


• It all depends on you and only you. It all depends on you when you are performing a somatic move; nobody is going to do it instead of you. The mere fact that it all depends on you can be frightening, but at the same time empowering too. It is easy to say that someone else controls you, or is accountable for your success or failure for that matter as that lifts the burden of responsibility off your shoulders. You are the real reason for being at this point in your life. You can either take the negative attitude or decide it is the most positive thing you have in your life. It is all about how much you want or need to change, whether you wish to pride yourself on mastering the control over movement and your life or admit the current failure and understand why.


• Simply applying more power and force is usually not the best possible solution. When performing a somatic movement, applying more force results in pain and exhaustion, while greater sense control and awareness of the moves bring more pleasure and relaxation, even though you are doing the same movement (but in a different way). The fact is that not one dispute is ever solved the way we want it. Why? It is simply because a dispute is about two sides, each with its own opinion and each trying to persuade the other about its right opinion. The right solution is rarely found this way. So, what do we usually do? We defend our belief even more intensely. And so does the other side. This kind of situation does not get us anywhere. When you are dealing with a lot of power and force, you usually do not see the situation the way it is. Use reasoning, sense and situation analysis instead of force. Maintain a conscious control over the situation; it enables you greater chances of achieving favorable solution of a problem with much less effort.


• Every problem or question is easier to solve when we are thinking more consciously and using our experiences and wisdom.


When exploring a somatic movement consciously and with a desire to increase the sense and control over it, we soon realize how to do the same move (work) better, more efficiently and safely. Are you quick to respond when somebody says something to you? The problem is that if you do not take time to think about the whole situation, you might miss out on the best opportunities. It is hard to get the desired response when we are responding with reaction instead of the intention.


This means we need to take time to reflect on the actual question or situation before we decide to react; this way we remove emotions and irrationalities from the situation so we can determine its core and find the right solution.



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