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William Vukelić



A few months ago, when I came to Mr. Aleš because of severe pain in my back, I experienced Clinical Somatics for the first time. He introduced me to Clinical Somatics. Until then, I knew nothing about it. After three treatments, I have noticed that I have much better control of my body.


I am a professional skier and Clinical Somatics taught me how to consciously manage my own muscles and movement in general. It is very important to be aware of the movements during trainings and work, and to feel every part and movement of the body. During somatic exercises, I'm learning to be as focused as I can be and stay connected in order to balance my body and mind.


Mr. Aleš is a great teacher and he helped me realize my own body’s abilities. After active sessions, my movements became much smoother and I train and perform much better on the ski trail. I believe that continued sessions of Clinical Somatics will make my sport results even better.

Best regards,

William Vukelić, Rijeka, Croatia


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