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Vid Oštrbenk

A number of athletes who in achieving, maintaining and improving top performance successfully use AEQ Clinical somatic, is bigger every month. A rower Vid Oštrbenk from Catez ob Savi Slovenia is using Clinical somatic in his training last few months.

After an injury last year, he had increasing difficulty and pain on the right side of the back. After a few active sessions and the inclusion of somatic exercises in his training, the improper movement of right shoulder, pain and asymmetrical movement in body has changed significantly for the better. Vid now much more understands the importance of controlling movement and maintaining effective functioning of muscles. By reducing sensory motor amnesia he’s raising motivation and skill of how to reach maximum with least possible effort. Progress was crowned by winning the European Cup ECA for young paddlers in the separate disciplines of kayaking and canoeing and domination in Slovenia.

Preservation of conscious control over the body and avoidance of standard approach "more is better" assures yet a long and successful sports career. I am glad that I can help young men to maintain a lightness of movement and unite it with male power and desire to win. This combination is unstoppable, which will be very much seen in the coming years.
Congratulations on an exceptional achievements.


Vid II

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