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Tadeja Severkar


The quality of my life exceedingly improved since I started to learn AEQ Clinical Somatics.

I am strongly aware that I still have much to learn and a lot of my personal chaos needs to be put in order. My initial reaction towards a new technique is always tempered with a good measure of scepticism: if something helps others, it won’t necessarily help me. However, the explanations and, especially, trying the movements convinced me!
The striking difference between BEFORE and AFTER is that I stopped visiting my Kinesitherapist. I still feel the occasional pain in my back, but much less often. Before I needed a chiropractic manipulation every few weeks, now I can prevent the vertebrae from locking with the correct movements. I haven’t seen my Kinesitherapist ever since I started to learn Clinical Somatics a few months ago.
My footsteps became lighter. Due to the damaged cartilage in my knees, I had 3 surgeries. My knees are now pain free.
I often observe and improve my movements. I admit I do not spend ½ hour per day for exploring and learning as recommended. I am working on putting my life in order.
From a person who had always lived in a creative chaos,

Tadeja Severkar, Luxembourg



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