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Tadej Paščinski


My name is Tadej and I'm an alpine skier. My sports path was pain-free up until last February when terrible pain appeared in my back during giant slalom training. Pain persisted and situation somewhat improved after I visited a therapist. However, pain reappeared on the first training after my two-week break so I had to end the season early. I decided to fully repair the injury and start training when I wouldn't have any more pain. I visited many therapists, but none of them could help me 100 %. Then my physical fitness trainer Severin Lipovšek introduced me with the AEQ clinical somatics and recommended to visit Aleš. When I had my first session with Aleš we talked at first for a long time, and he explained what AEQ clinical somatics is and its purpose with examples from everyday life. After the initial explanation, Aleš started teaching me AEQ somatic movements and helped me do them with understanding. The exercises were quite the opposite of what I was used to do at my trainings and in my way of life. I had sessions with Aleš almost every month, and in addition to my training I did AEQ somatic movements as well. I noticed a significant improvement in my movement after a while; my movement became lighter and more cohesive, my back pain completely disappeared. Every visit at Aleš' made me see the world in a different way. I began to understand the meaning and message of the pain. I was getting faster, stronger and more reliable. I spent this season without any pain and results were good. I'm still learning regularly and improving. My entire family changed its viewpoint with help of AEQ clinical somatics, and not only about sports. I'm glad life has brought me to Aleš and AEQ Clinical Somatics.

Tadej Paščinski Paščinski, Kranj


Tadej Paščinski

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