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Tabor Family

We had to face a very unpleasant situation a little more than a year ago when our 13-year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis.


This came as a shock and we were even more upset when her orthopaedist explained her condition as an abnormal curvature of the spine that is impossible to treat and that our daughter has no choice but to learn how to live with it.

Orthopaedic specialist at the Orthopaedic Clinic examined our daughter again and measured the curvature of her spine. He said that the angle of the curve is 42 degrees and that the angle of 45 degrees already requires surgery. Our daughter is an active dancer and athlete and, in the last three years, she very often suffered pain in her spine and, consequently, also severe pain in her knees. We tried to alleviate her pain, took her to massage therapists and researched on the web how to treat her condition. But the pain got worse from one training to the next.
Even so, we didn’t give up and kept looking for different ways and solutions that would help our daughter, also outside traditional medicine. As chance would have it, my husband met Aleš Ernst and their conversation led to Clinical Somatics. We immediately found it very interesting and soon called Aleš if he could see our daughter.

Already at our first meeting, Aleš told us that there is a solution for our daughter’s condition. So we started with active sessions of Clinical somatics, during which Aleš explained to us why the curvature of the spine occurred and how to treat it. Together with our daughter we soon found out that this condition can be changed. The Clinical Somatics movements didn’t only help her “straighten” her spine and fight the pain but also greatly contributed to her life in general. Our daughter is still an active dancer and the pain in her spine and knees is practically gone. If it ever occurs, she can treat it quickly by doing the somatic movements correctly.

Our daughter is forever grateful to Aleš for all his help and advice. Just by looking at her spine you can see it’s straighter, her posture is more upright and she finally feels good in her own body, which she can now control with somatic exercises. And Aleš didn’t help our daughter only by teaching her practical exercises but also by giving her a great deal of advice and sharing his wisdom with her. She finds this very helpful on her path to becoming a competition dancer and also in everyday decision-making. The whole family is more than happy to practice somatic exercises and read Aleš’ book “The easy way out of chronic pain”.

We do not hesitate to recommend a consultation with Aleš Ernst, the Clinical Somatics teacher, to anyone who is facing similar issues.


Tabor family

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