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AEQ EXPERIENCE | Slavko Radman

Slavko Radman


I met Aleš over two years ago when I was buying my first kettlebells. Because of my everyday work behind a computer, long hours spent sitting down and chronic back pains, I decided back then to introduce a healthier routine in my life and to focus more on training with the kettlebells and strengthening the core (muscles).

I managed to include healthier habits into my life in the next two years, like meditating every day and training with the kettlebells, walking etc. I have even become a certified StrongFirst Kettlebell and SFB Bodyweight instructor.

Throughout the whole process I became more focused, calmer, stronger and gained much better physical condition, however I also started losing flexibility, feeling pains, stiffness etc. I thought more exercises for stretching, flexibility and mobility would bring the results, but they didn't.

So I came to the Clinical Somatics workshop without any high expectations. Slow and controlled movements were very weird and confusing for my competitive brains. However, I did work through the entire workshop and decided to introduce the clinical somatic exercises into my morning routine, as well as before and after the kettlebell training. I started the very next day and decided to try the kettlebell military press. To my surprise, the MP was much more even in both arms and I was able to lift the kettlebell easier and faster. Later on I went for a walk for about half an hour and I noticed that my backpack was moving left-right on my back much more, and also that my step was longer and softer than usually.

I continued my daily routine with the somatic exercises in disbelief and after few days, I tried the kettlebell MP with the 1RM strength. My 1RM press strength became the 2RM press strength for the first time. During my mobility training, I noticed that the exercises seemed easier and pain-free, and the movement amplitude was much bigger.

After the three-week experience with the somatic exercises, I believe I have found the missing link that had enabled me to enjoy in movement and training again.

Slavko Radman



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