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AEQ EXPERIENCE | Saša Rajnović - II

Saša Rajnović SFG Team Leader

My experience with Somatics


I remeber first time I came to Aleš was to buy few kettlebells. He "read" me virtually at first sight and, later in the conversation we had, noted some details about my posture and problems that may occure in the future. I was intrigued by his accuracy and few months later I started with active therapy.


Clinical Somatics has made a huge difference in my life. I recover much faster from my trainings, my mobility has improved and started to know my body better. I wake up without stiffness which I thought I can resolve only by changing the mattress or bed. Somatics enables me relaxing muscles during my trainings that allows me to practice much longer with heavier weights while maintaining good tehnique.


Afer a while I began to feel like I'm bulletproof. No matter how hard the training was, I am ready to repeat it tomorrow again. It's amazing how something so simple can have such a powerful influence.


I am eager to further learning and knowledge in this field...


Saša Rajnović SFG Team Leader


Saša Rajnović II

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