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Sanjin Crnković

As a fitness coach who works with professional and recreational athletes, I am constantly seeking new knowledge and better methods.


The goals are always the same - health, sports performance, aesthetics making it as attractive as possible so the man can obtain sport activity his entire life. Each season I try something new, some method that is jumping out of the market of oversupply novelties. This year I was introduced to Clinical somatics. Looking for a cure of the spine and knee injury, as well as for better sports results in competitions, I tried a lot of different methods, therapists and tips from my colleages.


Now it seems like Somatics was that missing link in order to smoothly continue my sports life approaching my 40s. Within 3 months of active therapy, I have learned more about my body , reduce the negative effects of hard training during years and achieve visible progress in numbers.


There is another, unexpected thing happened - I also started to look differently at my clients and with less effort helping them to understand mistakes they make and solving problems with performance. This research has just begun and yet has great potential in my life, private and professional.

Sanjin Crnković, Active Fitness, Rijeka



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