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Nataša -

At 32 years of age, my life was controlled by chronic back pain. It turned my active way of life into a passive one.


All the areas of my life suffered: career, sports, social and private life. I reached a phase when severe pain greeted me in the morning, only to become worse during the day. Because of this pain, I often couldn’t even put my shoes on or drive a car. My life became full of limitations.

Traditional medicine didn’t offer any real solutions so I started looking for them elsewhere: Reiki, Reconnection and different energy therapies. Unfortunately, without any success. When I found out about Clinical Somatics I visited Aleš for therapy. It’s been only three months from my first visit and I’m already getting my life back. The pain is disappearing. And my life is getting better. With Clinical Somatics exercises, I started to reconnect my body and mind. Aleš helped me discover my subconscious patters and some of these I’m discovering myself through the exercises. I’m becoming increasingly aware of my body and mind.

The book about Clinical Somatics was also of great help to me and I think it’s a great addition to therapies and self-help at home. I’d recommend everyone to read the book before therapies as this will help them understand better what Clinical Somatics is. They will be able to better use the time during therapies because they will already now the basics of this approach. They will have more time for a conversation with Aleš and to understand the limitations of their character causing the pain. Besides Clinical Somatics, Aleš possesses large amounts of general wisdom about life.

The book also became my first aid kit at home because, with the help of descriptions and pictures of exercises, I can treat other kinds of pain, such as headache and menstrual pain. The exercises truly help!

I’m eternally grateful to Aleš for accepting me and showing me the way to getting my life back. Thank you!

Nataša, Ljubljana


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