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AEQ EXPERIENCE | Mišo Maljkovič - Eng

Mišo Maljkovič

Medical Doctor


As a physically very active medical doctor I have always been putting a lot of emphasis on injury prevention and stress management. My close friend recommended me to try AEQ to solve some physical issues as he had good experience with some of his. I saw the first results after a few months exercising regularly and now after a year I can say with certainty that AEQ has changed me physically and mentally.


On one hand my physical issues eased up. I have much more accurate sensation of my body. I have an impression I move with more flow and less effort. My posture is better and my body in general feels a lot lighter. I do not stretch any more before physical activity as I feel my muscles, tendons and ligaments are soft. The regeneration after physical activity is also faster. On the other hand I notice that I considerably improved my focus and decision-making in everyday situations. I have better clarity of mind and I am more present physically and mentally in any given moment.


Miso Maljkovic




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