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Mileva -

The first time I came in contact with the clinical somatic exercises was in a workshop last October in Nabrežina.

I had acute problems with my digestion and a sort of stiffness in my body at that time. All of the problems were accompanied by more or less severe pain, especially in hips, knees, feet, and also in my shoulders and between the shoulder blades. Furthermore, I also experienced muscle pain in general, mainly after physical labor and exercising. My digestion had been problematic for many years, with various more or less distinctive and recurring symptoms.

I started practicing exercises gradually and it actually took me quite some time before I could hold my attention on the movement.
It didn’t take long before I was able to see improvement in flexibility when walking. Also the bowel movements during exercising became a constant. Digestion problems frequently kept me up at night in the summer, so I got up and did the exercises. That helped and I could go back to sleep. My digestion has improved tremendously.

I gradually moved on to additional exercises which I had received by an e-mail. A year later, I attended another workshop where I refreshed and expanded my knowledge.

My perception and self-awareness are significantly different than they were last year, I’m more aware of my body and what’s going on inside of it, how it reacts to certain events and now I’m able to respond to these events properly. What’s more, I can move freely now, I have more energy, pain is gone, but when it appears I deal with it in a different manner. I don’t waste my energy anymore, I use it to my benefit instead. And I love walking and tending to my garden, sometimes I even forget to take the walking poles with me and I don’t even miss nor need them.

Nonetheless, I am aware that I need to continue to work consciously on my feelings and awareness of my body.
Thank you and kind regards,


Mileva, Nabrežina



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