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Matjaž Pregrat

Track field runner


I can say that it could hardly be better than it is. I simply cannot do without Clinical Somatics any more.
My character also changed and I have a different view on what is happening around and inside me.
To sum it all up, after two short months of somatic exercises, four active therapies and three months of intensive training, this is it.
Tomorrow is the last important race for this year.
And I feel and notice that there is plenty room for improvement with regard to my results and running technique. I still cannot believe that it was so easy to get rid of the plantar fascia.
The winter will be exciting and fruitful.

Best regards,

Matjaž Pregrat, track field runner KRKA Novo mesto Athletic Club


Matjaž Pregrat

tel. : 00386(0)74990871 
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