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Marko Fržop

I've known Aleš since 1998, when I bought my very first real "expensive" bike at his bike shop in Brežice.


Since then I went to that store many times, bought numberless equipment gear and bicycles. A few years ago during our conversation, we discussed themes like training, problems that occurs in sport activities, pain etc. Ales invited me to come one day to see what he has been doing and he explained a lot about it.


Since I live 350km away and is not very easy for me to come only for one treatment, I couldn’t come for some time. Next time I was visiting Zagreb we set an appointment. I came to his house and get into a whole different world. His loft was redecorated for the education purpose and we started with learning and exercises. After the first visit I felt enormous relief, and what is most important I began to look at myself in a completely different way. But I had to do few more treatments and even I was far away so wasn't be able to come.


I persisted doing exercises at home and manage to control my problems with the right side of the body. After finishing bike race Cape Epic in March last year I wasn't able to come back to 100%, especially because the season already started and I didn't want to miss any race.


I became less efficient, more rigid, more and more nervous about it and decided to go to Ales for more education and practice. I made a little break from bicycling and did four sessions. The result was amazing. Pain was gone, I began to sit different in my car, my life perspective changed even more. I began to recognize when I was doing something wrong in my day, and in my rides on bike.

After 20 days I came back to 100% in training, sat different on my bike, pedal efficiency changed for better and all that resulted with even better downhill technique.


And what’s even more important is that with better control over my muscles and movement I increase output power for 10%. I train with power meter for some time and I know myself very well, so those results were very impressive. I am doing somatic exercises every day at home, feeling happy, relaxed. Even after a rough day at work or hard training on bike, after 20 minutes of somatic exercises before bedtime I relax and sleep much more peacefully than before. Recovery after training is twice faster than before, I feel healthy and well, haven't got any cold since then and when the pain arrives I get rid of it quickly.


Thanks’ to Ales and somatic, I am completely different man and athlete. Thank you for everything because I finally enjoy in every movement I am doing!


Marko Fržop


Marko Fržop

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