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Ivy Buble


I was introduced to the AEQ method® in September 2014. My life seemed perfect on the outside back then. However, I felt anxiety and pressure on the inside. Scoliosis was becoming more distinct over the years, and my friend recommended me a visit to Aleš.

It took only one look at my posture, and a reasonable observer like Aleš Ernst instantly recognised that my life wasn't what it seemed and that I was wrapped in a grey muzzy cloud, hence my anxiety. He detected that I was running around in circles of masks I was wearing, stiff body, unnatural posture, pain. In this grey cloud, I was not capable of defining on my own what was wrong, and I could not help myself as I was wearing my mask and so was my surroundings. I needed guidance to get away from my covers and delusions.

My mask: happy family life, surrounded by loving family and friends, successful at work, at raising children, in sports, what could be wrong?

Details about what was wrong are not relevant today. That fact is I was suffocating; I was torn apart by my mental pain even more than from my physical pain because I wasn't even noticing physical pain due to my troubled mind. And I was a victim, I felt like a victim, and I acted like a victim. Was I a victim? Or a culprit of that situation?

AEQ method® was a start of the healing process, the awareness process, the process of perception of physical pain, the process of significant steps, changes. My mask started fading, and the covers of my surroundings were falling as well, and I realised the life I was living was just an illusion and it demanded a change in direction.

Slowly, very slowly, hand in hand, spiritual and physical state of my body was improving. I'm not talking about days, months, but years. It's the year 2018, and my course has not been completed yet. However, my path is much clearer now, more perceivable, enriched with new experiences and signals every day. Now I operate with information I understand in its correct form, and I have an option of choosing steps in my life. I'm taking responsibility, and I'm not a victim of my environment anymore, but a part of my environment with my own story. The clear picture gives me the knowledge to accept responsibility for choosing the steps.

For me, the AEQ method® means openness to life, nature, universe. Life was given to me; my openness guides me in the direction of accepting the gifts (bad = a lesson, good = a reward). Awareness gives me the feeling of happiness regardless of the adverse situations and energies on my path, and independently from the favourable conditions and strengths that come with a balance to the negative ones. All the negative represents my lessons, learning, and the positive is a reward for the lessons learned well. Both in a proportion. Happiness is not in achieving only the positive; it's an understanding and acceptance of both, the negative and the positive situations. Happiness is a calibrated scale. Happiness is calibrating a scale with PLAY and not with FORCE.

AEQ method® showed me direction; how to live, it has taught me to accept and process data. It has changed me into a person who is improving her emotional intelligence every day. Into a person with short- and long-term goals, into a person who trains and nourishes her body the way it needs it. To a person who teaches her mind according to its possibilities, who prepares her heart towards GIVING, ACCEPT, LOVE, a heart that knows what to keep and what to let go.

People around me are my teachers; they are my mirror. People who send me negative vibrations teach me what I'm not, I accept that. People who send me positive vibrations show me who I am. When vibrations become contrary - it means it's time for a lesson. I can let go of the strings after I adopt an experience and then I'm free.

AEQ method® gives me an ability to learn from the negative, to improve myself. Every day is a new cycle of the process; every night is a deserved rest.

AEQ method® demands a long-term development. It's not an answer to a question because it's not a one-time, brief method; it's a method you live with every day, you improve yourself with it and search for the right, better steps and moves, more coordinated movement and life. Searching for perfection is endless. Because there is no perfection, there are only better and better steps.

AEQ method® of connecting mind and body gives me a practical ability to realise the theory I'm reading a bible, in self-help books, in the assumptions about peaceful and happy life. Time is not a factor that keeps you going; the environment is not a factor with an impact on you, life is not around you, you are the life, a channel through which the energy flows. You feel that and you're aware of that when your mind and body are connected. I'm using the AEQ method® not only to connect my mind and body but also to connect with my surroundings.

I'm a mirror to my environment, and I get the masks to fall. Here are the children that look up to me and are my mirror of pure moves, joyful smile, temper, forgiveness, quality of life and relationships.

Love has arrived, without a mask this time. Simple, free of the past, direct, it gives and doesn't want anything in return. Love that makes you sleep like an angel, that makes you feel safe and free at the same time because your happiness doesn't depend on it. Your happiness depends on this moment, here and now.

AEQ method® enables us a perpetual connection between our mind and body; active connection relies on the outside impulses. A relationship helps me clear the information, understand the impulse of negative energy, understand the gift of positive energy, respect the universe, respect myself and experience peace and happiness here and now.


Ivy Buble, Čatež ob Savi

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