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Irena -



After doing the exercises for a month I felt the progress in everything I had experienced up until then: from ″the fall″ to the beginning of my recovery both on spiritual (meditation, reiki, thetahealing...) as well as on physical level (movement is the common thread of my life: running, cycling, mountaineering, skiing, rowing...).


Teachers crossed my path and I absorbed their knowledge. I know that that time and that rescue path were needed in order to get to where I am now. A piece in the mosaic that connects... CLINICAL SOMATICS.


However, the reader, be aware that there is no progress unless you are active and present HERE and NOW. So work on yourself, all the time. Blockages start disappearing with the supersonic speed and not only on physical level but also on the mental level... The process of WASTE removal has begun... I have noticed the easiness of movement, joys of life are starting to open... Anyhow, I know the path is endless.

It's pure luck that I'm slowly and consciously moving forward... towards the light.


And the physical and the spiritual meet again. As it has been said and heard many times before, the solutions lie in front of us; we just need to recognize and use them. They are so simple.


I'm grateful that trying to solve my son's problems led me to Aleš where I learned about the CLINICAL SOMATICS. Aleš, thank you, I am going to continue learning as there is so much more...



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