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Goga -

My path towards Clinical somatics was constant pain I felt on the left side of my back and behind shoulder blade which year after year grew steadily worse and unbearable.


The last few months it started to spread into the left hip and leg. Massage, chiropractic therapy and osteopathy facilitated the situation I was in immediately, but without long term results.


I read info on Ales web page and everything seemed very logical : the pain occurs due to sensory-motor amnesia, and somatics exercises slowly and consciously changing our subconscious patterns and relax muscles. After the first visit the pain eased and I felt enormous gratitude that I got a chance to meet Ales returning home that day from Brezice.


But the way that Clinical somatics affected my complete life, on my relationships with family and business matter was something I didn't count on.


Before I was living in constant hurry and stress. Completely unnecessary, but the only way I knew. With the practice of somatic movements I became aware of my own life patterns by which I am functioning and with a better perform of the exercises also came changes of an unwanted patterns.


After two and a half months of learning and practicing Clinical somatics back pain is not pain any more, it became occasional tension and straining. I learned to solve important things on a daily basis and do not bother to irrelevant ones, live much more relaxed, calmer and happier, all of which has led to the second parenthood. Yes, the baby is on the way!


Today, my life realy can be divided into one before Clinical somatics and the other with it.

Thank you, Ales.





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