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When I first read Aleš' book, I could only partially understand the meaning of the AEQ somatic movements. I was having problems with my spine for years, physiotherapy and occasional exercises, accompanied by acute pain, worked only for a short while. Sessions at the chiropractor also didn't work for long, nor was the pain eliminated. My condition got even worse due to the sedentary job and lack of physical activity in general. Years of bad habits, too much sitting, lack of exercising and fast-paced life led to a stiff and tense body.


I listened to Aleš carefully at the workshop, how he presented exercises and told us that they could eliminate sensory motor amnesia. He also explained the importance of optimal synergy, awareness, and control. I felt the difference right after the first exercises. However, it took some time and individual therapies before I understood the meaning of AEQ clinical somatics.


I got lots of answers by exercising regularly and combining that routine with Aleš' information and conversations about past events. Pain is a sign of what's not right; AEQ somatic exercises help you understand the cause of the pain and eliminate it, which is achieved with gaining more knowledge and sense about what is stiff, inflexible and how to change this condition.


I focus on individual moves when exercising and at first I deliberately took the move to the slight pain just to feel muscles. One has to link the mind and the move to get the effect. I notice right away now if I do something too fast or with lack of awareness, I'm conscious about my feelings now. My quest was about the pleasant feelings. Namely gentle and conscious moves incite pleasant feelings in your body, and that transcends exercising to a game; a gentle and relaxed game with your body.  These vast changes, which I understand and control better and better, raise the quality of life in many areas as well as bring more balance into life. The more you accept yourself, the more willing you become for the changes. You start looking for gentler and packed-with-feelings way of improvement; you combine the feelings that you get from your body with the clear sense of what you want. Conscious, attentive communication in all areas is important.


I've been working on myself for some time now - how to be aware of the present moment, what and how I see and understand my surroundings, how I react - however after I've started to learn the AEQ method all that has intensified and got a company of strong feelings in my body. First I observed all that awareness more with my mind, in my head, but now my mind is getting more connected with my body. Exercises and different feeling also make changes in flexibility of my pelvis, and my body is softer and more relaxed.  The connection between pelvic floor and conscious mind work is very important. I've become more attentive at walking, which has become softer and the movement of pelvic synchronized with shoulders. Exercises also provoked stronger reactions from within, fears, memories, repressed feelings; I've already dealt with some of them, some have been forgotten, or I haven't considered them as important.

I'm working on being calm, in my center and focused on me, my feelings, reactions, communication, and attitude to everything. There's lots of learning going on, raising the quality based on experiences and wisdom. All these feelings in my body, a flow of nice energy and all the changes are results of increased awareness of my muscles and body and accordingly the increased ability to prolong or shorten the muscles and relaxation.


I'm consciously making the moves slowly, playfully and in a way that makes pleasant body vibrations, I'm deliberately focusing on finding pleasant feelings. It's so interesting when you perform an exercise and feel yourself doing it attentively and feel the emotion at the same time. It's very important to do the exercises gently and slowly and within pain-free amplitude. Aleš says this is the right way to improve sensing and consequently of changes of the emotional, behavioral and physical patterns.  Since I've started doing AEQ exercises I've been improving in my reactions in different situations, I can see a clear picture much sooner now and start looking for solutions faster. I feel myself and my reaction, and I stop, I try to understand and not get involved when it's irrelevant to me. Aleš teaches us that the more we feel our bodies and know how to connect them with our minds, the more we know who and how we are. It's the only way to realize what we want and how to achieve it. We are better at channeling our energy to fulfill our goals, wishes and needs more easily. We are also perceiving situations differently and consequently reacting differently.


AEQ method gives you options for changes at which you understand what's going on and the understanding is even clearer when it's substantiated with emotions. The sense of one's own body is developing, which induces balance and more health.


Emotional blockages are being released during AEQ somatic exercises, and the process is even more intense after the psoas muscle, also named »soul muscle«, is activated. The latter help us resolve our physical and emotional traumas. When they are tense they send signals to the body that it's in danger, when they are released so are our traumas. Aleš gave me the information in a very simple and effective way so I could understand what and why were certain reactions happening in my body. He also referred me to some books during my therapies, and they have given me an even broader picture and understanding of the method. The psoas muscle and hence repressed feelings and traumas are released when we change our attitude towards ourselves, and crying is one of the forms of releasing repressed emotions. However, it's essential to understand what’s going on, so you don't return to the old path and disable the long-term effect.


Now I'm more aware of my body, muscles, and I pay attention to my posture; my body is softer and relaxed. I'm still going through the process of changes, but now I have lots of information, and I'm certain it's the right thing for me, pain is almost gone.


Thank you Aleš for everything I've learned and helped me at all my physical and emotional changes. I would call it a true psychosomatic therapy. I still got a lot of work to do, but slow and conscious moves will get me far ahead.  It's not work, it's a play of moves, without strain and with pleasant feelings about health and light movement.


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