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Boštjan Verstovšek

My experience of Clinical Somatics


1. I’m 43 years old and very passionate about sports. I practice it almost every day – hockey on ice, windsurf, kitesurf, cycling, tennis etc. I used to be very prone to overdoing it. When I was younger and, also, in recent years, I suffered several injuries. I recovered well from all of them and for that I’m really thankful to my doctors, physiotherapists and others who helped. But after a certain time, the pain reappeared. Days when nothing hurt were rare. All this made me change the concept of ignoring pain (and ruining my body) into searching for and eliminating causes (taking care of my body).


2. I achieved most positive changes in transforming myself, eliminating the cause of pain and improving immensely my condition with two approaches: discovering spirituality and energy (lessons and therapies with Neli Rep) and Clinical Somatics (for the body). However, both of these (like everything) are inextricably linked. Before discovering Clinical Somatics and only by practising spiritual techniques and physiotherapies, I couldn’t permanently improve my muscle stiffness.


3. Clinical Somatics turned my whole concept and general understanding of training upside down. And this is the hardest thing for me: make a leap forward in my head and abandon the old way of seeing and thinking. It is so simple and easy that one has difficulty believing that it really works (and, of course, one needs discipline in carrying out the exercises). And it works perfectly! I could immediately relate to Clinical Somatics and I love it more every day. I regret not knowing it years ago even if it’s true that I probably couldn’t appreciate it as much without experiencing all other approaches beforehand.


4. After two months of practising Clinical Somatics, I noticed:


    • My muscles are not as tight any more, at least 60–70% less, and their condition is still improving;

    • Despite a lot less training, I still notice that my abilities improved roughly 10–15%. I can notice considerable improvement and progress in all sport activities;

    • I’m much more aware of subconscious activation (tightening) of muscles and I try to consciously avoid it. At the same time, I quickly notice when I start “stressing” at work and stop it. New windows opened to me and I developed a new perspective on the functioning and abilities of our body;

    • Physically, I feel at least three times better;

    • In life, I explored and tested many methods. Now, I can say that the combination of Clinical Somatics and spiritual/energy techniques according to methods of Marjan Ogorevc and Neli Rep is the one that is by far the most efficient in eliminating the causes of pain and injuries;

    • Before, I regularly attended physiotherapy to alleviate my pain and maintain acceptable condition. I still do this but mostly due to quicker recovery and to support training. Because of this I can now put more strain on my body;

    • Before, I needed to be careful to train up to 80–90% of my abilities in order not to overexert myself and expose myself to new injuries. Now, I can push my body over 110% again, exaggerate a little and still manage to quickly piece myself back together with the help of Clinical Somatics and spiritual techniques. I no longer have to set limits for myself;

    • I noticed huge progress with regard to acquiring microinjuries (caused by impacts, falls, overexertion etc.), which are a regular occurrence during my trainings. I found a winning combination for myself: with Clinical Somatics, spiritual techniques and Tecar physiotherapy (quicker tissue recovery), the recovery is at least three times quicker than before Clinical Somatics.


All of the above was not possible before I started practicing Clinical Somatics.


Without it, the abilities of my body would slowly diminish and in the best case scenario, stagnate, while Clinical Somatics helps me to improve them. Of course, I still make mistakes, test limits and, also, make mistakes. But this thing works incredibly well! I highly recommend Clinical Somatics to anyone who wants to change the condition of their body permanently and completely to the better.


My advice and method is therefore as follows: spirituality according to the principles of Karmic Diagnostics with Neli Rep + Clinical Somatics with Aleš (and a little physiotherapy for quicker recovery if you like to overdo it).

Besides Clinical Somatics, I also received countless tips from Aleš.


To sum it all up, my experience is: revolutionary and priceless. Thank you!


Boštjan Verstovšek, Celje


Hokej II

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