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Blaža Klemenčič

I started the 2015 season with good training sessions and achieved progress during the winter time.


This trend was unfortunately reversed at the end of February when I experienced unexpected pain in my knee. Because this happened just before the first race in Cyprus, I stopped training but a period of rest didn’t help. After returning to Slovenia, I visited a number of doctors and received different diagnoses. I had a disciplined approach to doctor’s instructions and visited therapies regularly. Recovery was minimal and slow. During this time, Aleš Ernst contacted me via Facebook and offered his help.


I went to Brežice without any real idea what to expect because I didn’t know what Clinical Somatics is. But when pain paralyses you and changes your life and your daily sport activities, you are willing to try anything. During the first therapy, I found that it involves a different approach to eliminating pain – it treated the cause that leads to pain.


My problem originated in an asymmetrical functioning of my body: the muscles in one side of the body were considerably stronger than the muscles in the other side of it. Symmetrical movement on a bicycle, however, requires that the strain on the whole body, while exerting force on the pedals and holding the handlebars, is evenly spread out. Aleš showed me various exercises that helped me put my body in the right position and the symmetry of my muscles was improved.


The pain in my knee was slowly disappearing and I started to train normally.

The Clinical Somatics exercises take 15 to 20 minutes of my time every day – after the training and in the evening before going to bed. Now, I’m not so tired after training and I feel like my body is generally more relaxed. As the season went on, I suffered another injury – a fall during the national championship and a cracked rib. This is another injury I overcame with the Clinical Somatics exercises.


I give my thanks to Aleš Ernst for helping me save my rocky season – despite the injuries, I managed to win a bronze medal at the European championship. I’m also aware that I can take care of my body even better and achieve even greater success. And that is exactly what I’m hoping to do in the 2016 Olympic season with the help of Clinical Somatics!


BLAŽA KLEMENČIČ, mountain biker


Blaža Klemenčič

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