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AEQ EXPERIENCE | Athletics Coach Marjan Ogorevc

Marjan Ogorevc, athletics coach and author of self-help manuals on AEQ clinical somatics



Biotherapist Marjan Ogorevc talks about AEQ clinical somatics


I met Aleš Ernst while looking for a way to relax my back muscles, which were permanently tensed up and occasionally, caused me problems. Despite yoga, tai chi, massages and regular sport activities, I had not found a way to relax these tensions. The regular practice of pranayama and meditation also had no effect, apart from temporary relaxation.


When Aleš introduced me to the AEQ clinical somatics method that deals with chronic muscle stiffness as a reaction to trauma or stress, I realised that the problem lay in sensory-motor amnesia. I also suffered from chronic muscle pain, which I attributed to my body getting old and overwhelming physical strain. However, the age itself does not play a role in this. Muscular reflexes become a thing of habit because of everything we do in our lives. What we might assume is a result of ageing is in fact a direct consequence of sensory-motor amnesia, which occurs due to the build-up of stress and injuries. Over years, chronic muscular stiffness develops into our natural state and cannot be treated with any medicine or even manual therapy.


Aleš introduced me to the philosophy of AEQ clinical somatics in an inviting and unforced manner. First in theory and then by showing me the first set of exercises, which I did twice a day for a week. We continued with this routine from one week to the next, adding new exercises each time. Even though in 25 years of being a biotherapist I came to know many different methods and witnessed miraculous changes in myself and the people around me, I was surprised by the effect of clinical somatics exercises. What happened was an “Aha!” moment when everything suddenly became clear. There were no more questions to be asked. I’m used to moments like this in my life. It happened for the first time when I discovered dr. Bondarchuk’s theory of coaching and brought it to Slovenia as a national coach for throwing in athletics. This approach was used in the training of Vlado Kevo, the hammer thrower, who became the champion of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, and later Primož Kozmus, who became the Olympic and world champion. Another wondrous discovery for me, as a step up from biotherapy, was karmic diagnostics that heals more than just symptoms. When we discover the root of the problem and treat it successfully, we can bring about permanent improvement or healing. However, it is clearly important for the person to realise that nothing can happen without them, without their active participation and their search for underlying causes. Only this kind of attitude can trigger changes in our way of life and the self-healing of our body. And finally, my next magical realisation was the efficiency of clinical somatics. Muscular tensions and stiffness of the body cannot be completely treated by physiotherapist or masseur or by yoga, tai chi or meditation. If we don’t discover the primary root of the problem, we cannot achieve improvement in the long run. AEQ clinical somatics addresses sensory-motor amnesia, while karmic diagnostics deals with changes in the coding of the program in our brain, which occurred after a certain trauma or constant tension and the ensuing stiffness. Somatic exercises help us regain considerable control over our muscles and movements relatively quickly. I could immediately relate to this philosophy. I practised something similar with Primož Kozmus, the Olympic and world champion. The exercise was called the technique meditation.


During the practice of AEQ clinical somatics I discovered what was causing my stiffness. It was the trauma I experienced as a member of the submarine crew 40 years ago when I almost lost my life. According to AEQ clinical somatics, the trauma triggered the red light reflex. I started suffering from severe migraines, which I cured with karmic diagnostics, purely on the level of different energies. However, before coming in contact with clinical somatics, I didn’t realise that my body also suffered consequences: stiff and rigid muscles.


Now I know that the results of my athletes would be even better if I had included the clinical somatics exercises in the training process. I also know that even though we eliminate the cause of our problems on a spiritual level, we need to treat consequences that affected our body as well. AEQ clinical somatics helps us to do just that in a very straightforward way. I recommend this method to everyone who has issues with their spine and movement. In particular, I recommend it to recreational and top-level athletes as it will provide added value in overcoming the limits of their motor abilities and increase their lightness of movement. It will help them improve the technique in their discipline, achieve better results with less effort, prevent injuries and, most importantly, enable them to remain healthy after the end of their career. More satisfaction means more energy, better health and healthier relationships.


Marjan Ogorevc, athletics coach and author of self-help manuals


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