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Aljoša Krivec

Hello Aleš,

I'm fine, thank you! I've been noticing an improvement, however it depends on what I'm doing. Last week I wanted to take the most of the snowy winter conditions. I felt an improvement, softness on the snow and the somatic exercises helped me relax afterwards. But three days after that kind of tempo I needed more somatic exercises to relax and there was also significantly less improvement – the only thing I noticed was a good relaxation but with no significant improvement at the exercises. I started having more and more pain in my back after a week, and I managed to eliminate that pain with the right exercises, however it kept coming back the following days. Somatic exercises were not helping as they used to; the entire body became stiff and tired because of the exertion so I couldn't feel the benefits of the somatic exercises. I took a 2-day break and continued with the exercises, and it felt right again, which made me very happy!

I've realized that when I'm really active and snowboarding for several days I don't notice any progress at the exercises anymore, except for a good relaxation, however when my body gets tired I start losing that feeling too. The progress at the exercises becomes apparent when I am not that active and my body isn't overstrained, even so I have to practice being persistent and not stubborn!

The desire for snowboarding and the activity took over me in the past two weeks and I felt I somewhat lapsed at the somatic exercises, but then I recuperated again. I just have to be careful and maintain the right balance between the activities and the somatics!

Clinical somatics helps me more and more in realizing when I have enough and I need to stop. I am much better at that at other activities but snowboarding; the desire for snowboarding still gets me over the edge many times, but I am improving by observing myself and being aware of what's going on with my body!

I'm in the USA right now, for the first match of the world cup! My body feels great and I feel very confident even though I didn't train enough because of the injury and hence the bad season!

Thank you!

Kind regards!!

Aljosa Krivec


Aljoša Krivec

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