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Albert & Jasmina

My acquaintance with Aleš started a few years ago. My husband, Albert, knows him much longer, since he visited his bicycle store.


He had confidence in Aleš right from the start regarding the quality items and services provided. Many people would come from remote places owing to good recommendation. We noticed that Aleš in his store has kettlebells and asked advice about it. He explained, professional and friendly, what it was and offered us to train. We like the idea and his approach to training. He asked us a simple question, if we know why we even want to train with kettlebells.


The answer was to physically strengthen. On the training he showed us that exercise with kettlebells provide a lot more, not only physical developing, but also mental strength, concentration, balance, control and awareness of the movement.

We started with the basics, TGU, lifting with our own weight, without kettlebell.


It took me some time in order to achieve the proper movement , and later do it with kettlebell. My self-confidence started to grow up with the practice and I was very pleased with the progress. Through training and conversation Aleš got close to us and recognized the anxiety that hinder us in practice and that are reflected in our lives. We moved on with Clinical somatics exercises. It was something new, different and somewhat unexpected, but certainly welcome. It reminded me of the yoga class that I practiced for a while.


Through simple actions of Clinical somatics I discovered the power of concentration and sensing the moment. Aleš noticed that we were at the stage when we needed to turn ourselves to who we really are and become aware of ourselves through movement and breathing. Both of us, Albert and I, needed to solve the negative attitude and aimless outlook on our lives that we had. It was not so bad at all, but Aleš gave us insight into how can we divert things for the better.


He turned his attention to our expressing in conversation and suggested a better word every time, the opposite of the negative one that came to our mind first. It seemed so natural to listed and embrace such a clever principle. Aleš keeped an eye onto how well we applyed Clinical somatics in everyday life.


He asked us how we were and was available for any help and good advice. It was useful every time he taught us how to relax, strengthen and commit to what is really important and necessary. I can say that Aleš greatly helped us to launch and achieve some major goals in life. It is happy, good and necessary circumstance to knowing him. I am glad to see him successful in his work and helping people in such a natural and easy way.


Albert & Jasmina



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