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• After six years in triathlon a persistent injury of IT band forced me to quit with it and switch to cycling. But, the pain repeatedly occurred and neither therapy nor stretching didn’t helped with inflammation and chronic pain. Even after quitting active sport the pains persisted along with other various problems on the left side of the body. Without much expectation I contacted Aleš, which I remembered only as the owner of the bicycle shop, where we were buying equipment at a time when there was no Internet shopping or e-bay. With a lot of patience and positive attitude, Aleš explained to me the causes of injuries and told me how it can be easily solved. It sounded like SF then. Idea that I would be able to run without pain seemed unrealistic. However, his enthusiasm gave me hope. Through the next few sessions I have learned to become aware of tensions and changes in my body through controlled movement, but also to become aware of those conditions and situations in everyday life. And I suddenly became aware of how much things in my life I do unconsciously and only out of habit, as well as how repetitive movement patterns without enough control of my mind results with, negative consequences. Through the somatic exercises the pain has gone and, what is more important, I discovered the causes led to it. Now, after all, I can say that the biggest benefit of Clinical somatics I felt was not solution of injury (what I was dreaming about), but changing my point of view and controlling my own life. I am very grateful to Aleš on his huge patience explaining and demonstrating the exercises and his warmth and care I felt from the very first e-mail until today when often asked how I was. I know how much thankless is to recommend something to other people, but revealing how unusually simple way Clinical somatics is to wake up the body and consciousness, I am using every opportunity to speak about it to everyone I care about, wishing they decide to make a small but big change of their lives for the better.

Jelena Gracin



• At 32 years of age, my life was controlled by chronic back pain. It turned my active way of life into a passive one. All the areas of my life suffered: career, sports, social and private life. I reached a phase when severe pain greeted me in the morning, only to become worse during the day. Because of this pain, I often couldn’t even put my shoes on or drive a car. My life became full of limitations. Traditional medicine didn’t offer any real solutions so I started looking for them elsewhere: Reiki, Reconnection and different energy therapies. Unfortunately, without any success. When I found out about Clinical Somatics I visited Aleš for therapy. It’s been only three months from my first visit and I’m already getting my life back. The pain is disappearing. And my life is getting better. With Clinical Somatics exercises, I started to reconnect my body and mind. Aleš helped me discover my subconscious patters and some of these I’m discovering myself through the exercises. I’m becoming increasingly aware of my body and mind. The book about Clinical Somatics was also of great help to me and I think it’s a great addition to therapies and self-help at home. I’d recommend everyone to read the book before therapies as this will help them understand better what Clinical Somatics is. They will be able to better use the time during therapies because they will already now the basics of this approach. They will have more time for a conversation with Aleš and to understand the limitations of their character causing the pain. Besides Clinical Somatics, Aleš possesses large amounts of general wisdom about life. The book also became my first aid kit at home because, with the help of descriptions and pictures of exercises, I can treat other kinds of pain, such as headache and menstrual pain. The exercises truly help! I’m eternally grateful to Aleš for accepting me and showing me the way to getting my life back.

Thank you! Nataša, Ljubljana




• This year, rower Vid Oštrbenk from Čatež ob Savi joined the ranks of a growing group of athletes who successfully use AEQ Clinical Somatics to reach, maintain and improve their form. After suffering an injury last year, his condition and pain in the right side of his back got progressively worse. Then, he did a few active therapies and included somatic exercises in his training. The incorrect movement of his right shoulder, the pain and asymmetrical movement of his torso improved dramatically. Vid came to better understand what it means to control the movement and maintain the efficient functioning of the muscles. By reducing Sensory Motor Amnesia his motivation increased and he perfected his skill to do more with less effort. His progress was rounded off with winning the ECA European Junior Cup for young paddlers in the separate disciplines of kayak and canoe and dominated both disciplines in Slovenia. By maintaining conscious control over his body and avoiding the standard approach “more is better”, he’s making sure that his career in sports will be a long and successful one. It makes me very happy to be able to help young people preserve their childlike lightness of movement and combine it with manly power and a desire to win. This is an unstoppable combination and we’ll definitely see its results in the coming years. Sincere congratulations for this exceptional achievement.



• We had to face a very unpleasant situation a little more than a year ago when our 13-year old daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis. This came as a shock and we were even more upset when her orthopaedist explained her condition as an abnormal curvature of the spine that is impossible to treat and that our daughter has no choice but to learn how to live with it. Orthopaedic specialist at the Orthopaedic Clinic examined our daughter again and measured the curvature of her spine. He said that the angle of the curve is 42 degrees and that the angle of 45 degrees already requires surgery. Our daughter is an active dancer and athlete and, in the last three years, she very often suffered pain in her spine and, consequently, also severe pain in her knees. We tried to alleviate her pain, took her to massage therapists and researched on the web how to treat her condition. But the pain got worse from one training to the next. Even so, we didn’t give up and kept looking for different ways and solutions that would help our daughter, also outside traditional medicine. As chance would have it, my husband met Aleš Ernst and their conversation led to Clinical Somatics. We immediately found it very interesting and soon called Aleš if he could see our daughter. Already at our first meeting, Aleš told us that there is a solution for our daughter’s condition. So we started with active sessions of Clinical somatics, during which Aleš explained to us why the curvature of the spine occurred and how to treat it. Together with our daughter we soon found out that this condition can be changed. The Clinical Somatics movements didn’t only help her “straighten” her spine and fight the pain but also greatly contributed to her life in general. Our daughter is still an active dancer and the pain in her spine and knees is practically gone. If it ever occurs, she can treat it quickly by doing the somatic movements correctly. Our daughter is forever grateful to Aleš for all his help and advice. Just by looking at her spine you can see it’s straighter, her posture is more upright and she finally feels good in her own body, which she can now control with somatic exercises. And Aleš didn’t help our daughter only by teaching her practical exercises but also by giving her a great deal of advice and sharing his wisdom with her. She finds this very helpful on her path to becoming a competition dancer and also in everyday decision-making. The whole family is more than happy to practice somatic exercises and read Aleš’ book “The easy way out of chronic pain”. We do not  hesitate to recommend a consultation with Aleš Ernst, the Clinical Somatics teacher, to anyone who is facing similar issues.

The Tabor family



• In September, I got urgent call from the Croatian Ski Federation, they ask me if I can see and help their alpine ski racer William Vukelić. He had a strong pain in the neck and lower back, and a shorter right leg. In preparation for the upcoming season, he had big problems with pain and significant difference between the curves to the left and right. Through active sessions we saw that the reason for the difficulties is injury from few years ago, when he cut his neck muscle in ski accident. Through four visits and improvement of conscious control over muscles and movements, he recovered the symmetry and efficiency of movement of the pelvis and shoulders. Instability and asymmetry has disappeared, as well as severe pain of unknown origin. He is now ready for a good season 2015/2016.




•“Before I met Ales I was putting a lot of time and effort into personal development and nutrition to improve my overall health yet I felt there was something missing. Despite all the work I was doing there was something holding me back. Having worked with Ales for a number of sessions, it was amazing how he knew the barriers I was facing by how my body was reacting. He has taught me some simple movements that I can continue to do at home and I am seeing huge changes in my life as a result of this.

Thank you Ales” Trisha, Manchester UK



• My acquaintance with Aleš started a few years ago. My husband, Albert, knows him much longer, since he visited his bicycle store. He had confidence in Aleš right from the start regarding the quality items and services provided. Many people would come from remote places owing to good recommendation. We noticed that Aleš in his store has kettlebells and asked advice about it. He explained, professional and friendly, what it was and offered us to train. We like the idea and his approach to training. He asked us a simple question, if we know why we even want to train with kettlebells. The answer was to physically strengthen. On the training he showed us that exercise with kettlebells provide a lot more, not only physical developing, but also mental strength, concentration, balance, control and awareness of the movement. We started with the basics, TGU, lifting with our own weight, without kettlebell. It took me some time in order to achieve the proper movement , and later do it with kettlebell. My self-confidence started to grow up with the practice and I was very pleased with the progress. Through training and conversation Aleš got close to us and recognized the anxiety that hinder us in practice and that are reflected in our lives. We moved on with Clinical somatics exercises. It was something new, different and somewhat unexpected, but certainly welcome. It reminded me of the yoga class that I practiced for a while. Through simple actions of Clinical somatics I discovered the power of concentration and sensing the moment. Aleš noticed that we were at the stage when we needed to turn ourselves to who we really are and become aware of ourselves through movement and breathing. Both of us, Albert and I, needed to solve the negative attitude and aimless outlook on our lives that we had. It was not so bad at all, but Aleš gave us insight into how can we divert things for the better. He turned his attention to our expressing in conversation and suggested a better word every time, the opposite of the negative one that came to our mind first. It seemed so natural to listed and embrace such a clever principle. Aleš keeped an eye onto how well we applyed Clinical somatics in everyday life. He asked us how we were and was available for any help and good advice. It was useful every time he taught us how to relax, strengthen and commit to what is really important and necessary. I can say that Aleš greatly helped us to launch and achieve some major goals in life. It is happy, good and necessary circumstance to knowing him. I am glad to see him successful in his work and helping people in such a natural and easy way.

Albert & Jasmina



• My experience of Clinical Somatics

1. I’m 43 years old and very passionate about sports. I practice it almost every day – hockey on ice, windsurf, kitesurf, cycling, tennis etc. I used to be very prone to overdoing it. When I was younger and, also, in recent years, I suffered several injuries. I recovered well from all of them and for that I’m really thankful to my doctors, physiotherapists and others who helped. But after a certain time, the pain reappeared. Days when nothing hurt were rare. All this made me change the concept of ignoring pain (and ruining my body) into searching for and eliminating causes (taking care of my body).


2. I achieved most positive changes in transforming myself, eliminating the cause of pain and improving immensely my condition with two approaches: discovering spirituality and energy (lessons and therapies with Neli Rep) and Clinical Somatics (for the body). However, both of these (like everything) are inextricably linked. Before discovering Clinical Somatics and only by practising spiritual techniques and physiotherapies, I couldn’t permanently improve my muscle stiffness.


3. Clinical Somatics turned my whole concept and general understanding of training upside down. And this is the hardest thing for me: make a leap forward in my head and abandon the old way of seeing and thinking. It is so simple and easy that one has difficulty believing that it really works (and, of course, one needs discipline in carrying out the exercises). And it works perfectly! I could immediately relate to Clinical Somatics and I love it more every day. I regret not knowing it years ago even if it’s true that I probably couldn’t appreciate it as much without experiencing all other approaches beforehand.


4. After two months of practising Clinical Somatics, I noticed:

  • My muscles are not as tight any more, at least 60–70% less, and their condition is still improving;
  • Despite a lot less training, I still notice that my abilities improved roughly 10–15%. I can notice considerable improvement and progress in all sport activities;
  • I’m much more aware of subconscious activation (tightening) of muscles and I try to consciously avoid it. At the same time, I quickly notice when I start “stressing” at work and stop it. New windows opened to me and I developed a new perspective on the functioning and abilities of our body;
  • Physically, I feel at least three times better;
  • In life, I explored and tested many methods. Now, I can say that the combination of Clinical Somatics and spiritual/energy techniques according to methods of Marjan Ogorevc and Neli Rep is the one that is by far the most efficient in eliminating the causes of pain and injuries;
  • Before, I regularly attended physiotherapy to alleviate my pain and maintain acceptable condition. I still do this but mostly due to quicker recovery and to support training. Because of this I can now put more strain on my body;
  • Before, I needed to be careful to train up to 80–90% of my abilities in order not to overexert myself and expose myself to new injuries. Now, I can push my body over 110% again, exaggerate a little and still manage to quickly piece myself back together with the help of Clinical Somatics and spiritual techniques. I no longer have to set limits for myself;
  • I noticed huge progress with regard to acquiring microinjuries (caused by impacts, falls, overexertion etc.), which are a regular occurrence during my trainings. I found a winning combination for myself: with Clinical Somatics, spiritual techniques and Tecar physiotherapy (quicker tissue recovery), the recovery is at least three times quicker than before Clinical Somatics.


All of the above was not possible before I started practicing Clinical Somatics. Without it, the abilities  of my body would slowly diminish and in the best case scenario, stagnate, while Clinical Somatics helps me to improve them. Of course, I still make mistakes, test limits and, also, make mistakes. But this thing works incredibly well! I highly recommend Clinical Somatics to anyone who wants to change the condition of their body permanently and completely to the better.


My advice and method is therefore as follows: spirituality according to the principles of Karmic Diagnostics with Neli Rep + Clinical Somatics with Aleš (and a little physiotherapy for quicker recovery if you like to overdo it).


Besides Clinical Somatics, I also received countless tips from Aleš.

To sum it all up, my experience is: revolutionary and priceless.

Thank you! Boštjan Verstovšek, Celje




•A few words about my experience in Clinical Somatics therapies with Ales Ernst. First, I have to mention that right before active therapy I talked with Ales about the essence of the whole thing and importance to do moves with great consciousness while running, riding a bicycle, or any other sport activity and in everyday life. I have already trying to implement the same thing in my daily routine, even without ever having heard of active clinical therapy before. It is a process of self-awareness and awareness of life that surrounds us, and about how my actions influence my life and the lives around me. I believe that this helped me to accept and indulge much easier this kind of therapy. During one, say ordinary training, severe pain and tension appeared in the knee – patellar bone to be precise. The pain was unbearable when I was on a bicycle, but walking, running and any other activities were unfettered. A few days of rest and cooling compresses didn’t help. As soon as I get on the bike again the pain returned. It was a terrible frustrating feeling since I had to stop training for a few weeks. The suddenly I remembered Ales and send him mail with a description of what was bothering me and he replied immediately with „ your quad’s too tight“. Massage and wraping quadriceps helped, but did not solve the problem. And the problem was that the muscles cannot relax completely. Although brain claims that they are relaxed, the truth is they are 20-30% of tense and it builds up over time and gets worse. A classic exemple of sensory-motor amnesia. We set up an appointment and it started. The first treatment was fascinating. We found that the asymetry of the body I have comes from the shoulder, back, side abdominal muscles and extends to the knees. It is hard to describe how much I was fascinated achieved. We started from the shoulder. Three minutes later my arm was completely relaxed lying on the table like a piece of raw meat. After the treatment I was in trance, relaxation to such a degree that I couldn’t get up. The result was such that I felt myself more and every aspect of the body. As for the long term consequences, with a generally more relaxed muscles, greater control and self-awareness of movement, I resolved many years of chronic headaches. These were so terrible, twice a week, that it was unbearable. Fortunately, it is past now. As for the sport results, it is difficult to define some statistical framework at this moment, and compare it with previous results, but I can say that I have generally easier breathing, much better relaxation of the back muscles and more efficient contraction and relaxation of the leg muscles.

Regards, Andreo Kordić , Zagreb



• As a fitness coach who works with professional and recreational athletes, I am constantly seeking new knowledge and better methods. The goals are always the same – health, sports performance, aesthetics making it as attractive as possible so the man can obtain sport activity his entire life. Each season I try something new, some method that is jumping out of the market of oversupply novelties. This year I was introduced to Clinical somatics. Looking for a cure of the spine and knee injury, as well as for better sports results in competitions, I tried a lot of different methods, therapists and tips from my colleages. Now it seems like Somatics was that missing link in order to smoothly continue my sports life approaching my 40s. Within 3 months of active therapy, I have learned more about my body, reduce the negative effects of hard training during years and achieve visible progress in numbers. There is another, unexpected thing happened – I also started to look differently at my clients and with less effort helping them to understand mistakes they make and solving problems with performance. This research has just begun and yet has great potential in my life, private and professional.

Sanjin Crnković, Active Fitness, Rijeka



• My experience with Somatics I remeber first time I came to Aleš was to buy few kettlebells. He “read” me virtually at first sight and, later in the conversation we had, noted some details about my posture and problems that may occure in the future. I was intrigued by his accuracy and few months later I started with active therapy. Clinical Somatics has made a huge difference in my life. I recover much faster from my trainings, my mobility has improved and started to know my body better. I wake up without stiffness which I thought I can resolve only by changing the mattress or bed. Somatics enables me relaxing muscles during my trainings that allows me to practice much longer with heavier weights while maintaining good tehnique. Afer a while I began to feel like I’m bulletproof. No matter how hard the training was, I am ready to repeat it tomorrow again. It’s amazing how something so simple can have such a powerful influence. I am eager to further learning and knowledge in this field…

Saša Rajnović SFG Team Leader



• I built and fought and charged headlong. I created an ideal life for myself. School, family, home. Fairytale. And yet, I didn’t live my life. I struggled through it. I lived according to everyone else’s expectations. Others’ approval was what guided me. I didn’t really know myself and felt being weighed down every step of the way. The burden of others became too heavy to bear. And then, without thinking and on impulse, I reacted aggressively towards all the people that made me feel bad and who seemed to take advantage of me.


But as everyone has their own view of the world around them, the responses were unexpected. Rather than receiving help, I got stabbed in the back. And I lost everything I had built. I hit rock bottom and was low enough to start accepting everything that was thrown at me. As I was looking for answers how to go on and how to get back on my feet, I came across somatics.


Somatics slowly helped me, from one day to the next, to start following my own path. First, the muscles became unlocked. Pain in my muscles, pain in my vertebrae, pain in my soul, my tears… slowly grew into a better awareness of my body. I knew where my spine was, where my hands and legs were, and how my head was inclined. I knew the way around my body. And as I became more aware of it, I also started to understand. First, I started noticing the nature around me and suddenly I was not in a hurry any more. I seemed to stop time. I guess I became better organised. I was more aware of myself so I correctly determined the time needed to get from A to B. Before, I raced from one point to the next but now it felt as though time stood still. I walked in a calm, relaxed way. I saw people differently. I narrowed my circle of people and I didn’t feel the need to seek others’ approval. I was aware of myself during communication and knew how much I wanted to give and what I needed myself. My friends said I started moving lightly and speaking calmly.


At the same time, the difficult situations started resolving themselves. One after another. The pieces of life started to come together again. And in two months, the main problem also started to unravel it  self. A problem that was not mine alone but also affected the lives of all the people around me. As I’m finding the answers to this problem, I’m also saving my own body. The weight of the problem makes it hard for the brain to be present in the body because the thoughts are scattered and drawn to guilt, revolting actions, anger and rage. But when I focus my thoughts back to my body, I can control them and allow myself to learn from this experience. I learn about myself, not others. They are not relevant in this case. It is more important to be myself. The body shows me how far I progressed on my path and how well I am doing.

After four months of living with somatics, I am aware of my body, myself and the path I chose to follow. I make choices only on the basis of my own feelings, my own beliefs.


We can only change ourselves. And my task is not to be a part of others, but to be myself. By providing an example, I can guide others, observe patiently and assess my feelings towards them and how they make me feel. I can notice what they mean to me, what they give me and what I am prepared to give in return. I set limits. With the help of somatics, solving problems acquired a new meaning. Solving problems turned into learning about life, myself, my closest friends and relatives, the Earth, the Universe, emotions. Life became full of meaning. I do somatic exercises every morning and every evening. They help me focus my brain on my body. On myself. I started to live.

Ivana Tršelič Slovenia



•Observing from a back seat

As a mother, I followed the therapy of my teenage son, an active sportsman who suffered from pain in his muscles, joints and so many parts of his body that it’s hard to list them all. Therapy was and still is a success. Now, we only visit Aleš once every three months while my son regularly does the exercises at home. His posture has improved and the pain has disappeared but there is something else I want to point out in this article. Even though the therapy addresses the body, it nevertheless follows the fundamental idea of spirituality. This is, first and foremost, being focused on the now, this moment, what we are doing right now. When we are doing the exercises, our mind doesn’t wander but stays with the body and feels every movement, every muscle. By doing this, we don’t only relax our body but also our mind. We establish control over our body. And this lays the foundations for the control of emotional reactions in the body. If we learn to observe and keep an eye on our body and its tensions as well as to release these tensions accordingly, we will effectively put a stop to many illnesses. The therapy therefore becomes a meditation of sorts, a time we spend with ourselves when we forget our troubles and focus solely on our body. Aleš, in his unique and unforced manner, knows how to teach this knowledge to adolescents, which doesn’t only help them continue their sports career without the resistance of their physical body but also psychologically relax and, with the help of meditation, step back from everyday school pressures, growing pains and demands that come with the sport.

Bojana Lunar Peček, Kranj



•My experience with Clinical Somatics Education

As a manual therapist I am constantly searching for solutions and ways to learn about the human body in a different way, from a different perspective. This is why I decided to take part in a somatic education session. These sessions were advertised as providing a solution for what I had failed to accomplish in my work several times: how to achieve a permanent relaxation of the muscle tissue and “show” my clients how to relax their tense musculature themselves.


Too many times have I witnessed pain returning despite my therapy, sometimes after months, sometimes in a matter of days. My work ethics requires I help people in as few sessions as possible; therefore these pain comebacks confounded me.


Not having any major pains or problems myself when attending the first session, I did not – I must admit – expect much. I let it take me by surprise. And, man was I surprised!


My senses are very well developed by nature, so I sensed practically everything me and Aleš were doing right away, immediately after each exercise. The sensation overwhelmed me. Being a true researcher that I am, I of course experimented further with my body through many subsequent sessions. I must admit they made me perceive myself in an entirely new manner.


What took be aback even more than the increased level of muscle relaxation, was the feedback loop between my body and my mind. I became acutely aware of the effect my behaviour and attitudes in life have on muscle tension in my body, and in turn on the problems arising from tenseness. If we exercise to relax a muscle, this will not make us “happy”; but once we become aware of the reasons causing muscle rigidity and eliminate them, we have set our foot firmly on the path towards easiness, happiness and joy. It was only CSE that has made me realise this.

Severin from Brežice



•Learn and get to know your body again, regain control in your “hands” to solve the problem and not the cause, Aleš is learning and practiced since I know him, and most importantly, he doesn’t stop. That is main reason to the road of knowledge and finding practical solutions to your health, because at the end, it is all very simple.

Hrvoje Vešljigaj, Samobor



•I started working with Ales accidentally. I was trying to fix my lower back pain discussing my bike position with him. That latter turned into my regular monthly visits to his place with somatics sessions. He is responsible for my total improvement during last 12 months. But on the other hand, without my desire, intention, and reasoning I wouldn’t have been where I am today. So, Ales will give you the best tools there are to put you back in balance but it is up to you to use it wisely and make the most out of it. He is a walking health encyclopedia, and I suggest you to seek nutritional and other advices from him also. In addition to this, let new ideas mature inside you and accept them with understanding, not because someone told you it’s good for you. Try to feel the change, analyse, and compare all the time. Sometimes the shift will go smooth, but at other times unbelievably slow. Be patient, especially as you dig deeper into somatics. Many times I had doubts about the benefits because of emerging new tiny painful spots, but later found out that during the process I became more sensitive, connected and aware of myself so my brain again started signalling problems because of my prior ignorance. When riding or doing any other physical activity try to spread your effort to more muscles or groups of muscles. My problem had always been that I was too tight (stiff) and used fewer muscles. The result was early fatigue and muscle imbalance. I hope that as you get more and more loose and relaxed you will be able to feel that by distributing your effort and engaging more muscles into the movement you will become more economical while being able to sustain greater stress for longer period of time. For this to accomplish you need to have a good and comfortable bike position. I think Ales has done a great job there. All you need to do now is to find that super fine easy feeling as if you were floating or dancing, without painful or tense spots. Each time you feel tension or pressure ease back and relax. Try to apply somatics principle while riding. By that I mean full contraction of the muscle and slow release till the end of the motion. When riding, at least in the beginning, you can do little tricks to awake hibernating muscles (gluteus, hip) like pushing your knees out (like ballet dancer) or pedalling with heels. Sometimes when I climb the stairs I intentionally jump 2-3 stairs at the time using heels Be creative, make up your own tricks…that is the best way to connect with the motion. Just as it is important what you do on the bike or doing somatics, it also  counts what you do for the rest of the day. Analyse how you walk, how you sit, just about everything. Apart from sleeping and riding, it is important how you do things for the remaining time in a day. You may notice many different things that wear you out. So, once you find them you can eliminate them. It is a slow process because you need to train your mind to raise awareness of your daily activities but I hope it will pay off. You can ask Ales also about tricks to do when you get tense, I am pretty sure he has plenty. As you improve and start seeing benefits your confidence will grow. Use it to overcome “the demons of the past”. Believe in yourself and promise yourself that you will be the best you can as a person, as an athlete, as a friend, as a son, as a father, etc. Learn to use a bad outcome to your advantage. Do not take it to your heart. Good things would be worthless without bad ones. So, we sometimes need bad things to appreciate the good ones. Actually, it is the bad ones that are pushing us to be better and better. Imagine just winning races, it would be great for one season, ok for the second, after that you would not care much and it would become boring. In the end, you are mentally strong or weak only for number of problems you can solve. The more relaxed you are the easier you solve problems. With Ales you will improve energy flow through your body which has a very positive impact on your mind. We have mind and body, but it is actually one thing because one can’t be without the other. Our body is only a holographic projection of our mind. So, all the problems and barriers there are, our mind transfers to our body. In my opinion it is very important to be mentally strong and healthy because that guarantees physical health. I think that if we work on little imperfections that we have in the form of negative emotions, understand them and cope with them (fear, anger, sadness, envy, etc) we can achieve our full potential. I can write this stuff forever, but you need to find and fight your own path. Remember that there is always somebody ready to help you so do not feel alone. Ales is a great guy and he is always ready to help. Enjoy life and I hope to ride with you again sometime.

Srdjan Luštica – Zagreb


P.S. Once you connect with yourself you won’t need a coach anymore, you can train yourself better.




•Testimonial In the few “hands on” sessions I had with Aleš I noticed a huge improvement. I already walked much better after the first one. My body felt liberated after the second day. After the third day I finally got rid of the block in my left lower back which troubled me for years. No stretching exercise my osteopath told me before has had effect on this spot. I really did not think that it would be so simple and effective at the same time.

Karl Gradinger, Brussels



•Ok, I tried a bit to describe what I’ve noticed since we are working on CSE. Maybe not so obvious all along, because the problems that we have to eliminate with differentiation were not so pronounced. At least not to the extent that I would be hindered in my daily work, sport. What I didn’t not know , it do not hurt , but I know that in the long run all came to me and cause problems . First, it is a great difference occurred when standing still. Posture more flat, stable. I felt the ground beneath my feet much more, I did not rely so much on the front part of the foot and toes. The weight is evenly distributed to the left and right side. Furthermore, it has changed my gait. Step became longer, hips much more flexible and fluent in movement. I had to fix the seating position in the car because steering wheel was too far away at the same time too. In the car is also easier to look back, and I see much more. And not just in the car but in general. As I had bigger eyes, or more open eyes. I pay attention now to several things at once. Then easier to do things that require you to look up above me with outstretched arms. Previously, I shoulders and neck quickly began to hurt, but now even after a long work I do not feel the burden. In general, everyday tasks takes less strain. It does not involve unnecessary movement and not exerting up where it is needed. Differentiation I was also taught to feel the body and is aware of it. Things are as they learn them and start to begin well aware of them oddly simple. There are so many with chains around them that they are glued together and do not let them moving freely. Just to give the necessary flair. Never would have thought that could be the cause or the “root cause” somewhere where it would not otherwise ever look. Now, I can find a way to address the problem. Whether it be stress, pain or simply awareness that somewhere something is not right. This awareness I previously did not have. If you now look at pictures of what was my attitude and posture, is hard to imagine that this was all “by default”. Where would it lead me through the years I do not even think about. Then there is breathing. How many times I was after swings or series TGU almost out of breath. Now it is 100% better because I learned to breathe again. And I’ve learned to let the body breathe. “Air soccer” is the law, release tension in the chest and stomach, digestion is way better, and I feel strong, young and free again

Thanks Gregor Jugovič


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